July 23, 2019

Young Writers Project: school garden

Erin Anderson, A Vermont Community Garden Network intern, snapped this garden photo.

Erin Anderson, A Vermont Community Garden Network intern, snapped this garden photo.

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This week, we publish writing in response to prompt, School Gardens. More than 120 students responded to the School Garden Writing Challenge! All writers received a bundle of seeds for their gardens from the Vermont Community Garden Network. In the prompt, students were asked to write about their school gardens, write a persuasive essay about why their school should have a garden or write about a food celebration. You can read all submissions at youngwritersproject.org/garden.

Go Green!
By Varsha Karthikeyan
Grade 6, Williston Central School
I have always enjoyed having a garden in my backyard. I can watch as a seed sprouts into a plant and this allows me to eat fresh vegetables every day. I think that having a garden in my school is a marvelous idea. It’s good because the students can enrich themselves with education about plants, which can possibly lead us to a better cause. I have also learned that kids who have exposure to a school garden will do better in classes. This also helps them understand why plants are important to our world.
Having a garden in my school could impact the way a person thinks about food. The students learn patience, cooperation, teamwork and social skills. They will have more knowledge in food growing and also the students will learn that they are capable of doing great things for our world. They will gain self-esteem.
Students will also have the time to go outside and inhale fresh air and also the sweet smell of fresh vegetables. This will relieve their stress and get them relaxed. When I usually go to the school garden, I feel peaceful and calm.
A school garden could help a student concentrate on important things such as future life goals, family, and education. Another important thing is that students would be eating fresh vegetables every day from their garden and this is very healthy for them. They would also learn that growing plants and protecting nature is great for us and the world!

(Read the complete story at http://youngwritersproject.org/node/91684)

A healthy garden
By Hailey Stokes
Grade 4, Williston Central School
We have a healthy garden because we take care of it, we water and grow, cut and then we deliver the plants to our school cafeteria. The school cafeteria uses the plants as yummy, healthy salad for our school for lunch.
You have to do a lot to have a healthy garden: you need to water it and get good soil so it can grow as much as it can. You also have to have light for plants to grow.
You can have a garden at home, at school, almost anywhere in the world.
To have a garden you have to pay attention to it so it does not die.
I think having a garden is way better then just buying food… You have to have a lot of things for a garden like seeds, soil, sun, water, a place to put it…
(Read the complete story at youngwritersproject.org/node/92343.)

No piece of cake
By Myleigh Kilbon
Grade 4, Williston Central School
Williston Central School has a garden and in my first year in this school I knew about gardening, but I didn’t think much of it. But now I’ve learned that gardening is no piece of cake. It takes a long time to first plant the seeds, water them, wait and harvest, but I won’t bore you with all that stuff. I am going to tell you about the ways that gardening changed my attitude about food.
Every summer my family went to the market, bought a watermelon and went home and ate it. But last summer we tried gardening because we did it over the school year and it was so much fun getting to share food that we made – it’s just so much more special than buying it!
Each year at my school we have a harvest fest and my class provides lots of the food. And every day at school my class makes the school salad… It’s like my class is a restaurant and all kids who buy hot lunch are the critics and they’re all here to taste our lettuce!

My school’s garden
By Jimmy Mayes
Grade 4, Williston Central School
I think my school is good to have a garden to help teach us how to plant and so we get fresh garden vegetables/fruit. I tried new fruit and vegetables because of the garden.
To make plants survive, you must water them one time every 24 hours until they are a little flooded and then spray them with a spritz bottle… How do you get the seeds? Go to Home Depot – they have a garden place in Williston. You must put them 1 cm in the ground and it will take about a month to sprout.

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