May 27, 2018

Young Writers Project: ‘Farm’

Calleigh Brignaull of Essex High School submitted this month’s featured photo of her experience on a farm.

Calleigh Brignaull of Essex High School submitted this month’s featured photo of her experience on a farm.

May 15th, 2014

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This week, we publish writing in response to the prompt “Farm: Write about an experience you’ve had on a farm.”

Caring for animals
By Ethan Bessette
Grade 5, Williston Central School
I live on a small farm. I have 60 laying chickens and I also raise 15 turkeys in the summer; they’re meat birds. I usually raise about 40 to 50 per year.
I also raise a calf or two that I show at Addison County Fair and Field Days, and two beef cows. I hope to get a few more and raise a herd of beef cows.
I love taking care of my animals. It is fun spending time with them.
When I have my show calves (or calf) my mom walks them to school to pick me up! I feel so badly for the kids who kind of hesitate because they have never seen a calf.
I love walking my cows every day in the spring and summer… When I get home I take them for a 10-minute walk and spend another half hour or hour with them, sometimes in the pasture taking a nap together, after our nap we get to work!!!
You have to wake up early though to take care of the animals, especially the cows need to have a routine for feeding. You need to give them a bath and comb their tail (that is what a judge looks for straight hair on the tail, not curly). You should give them a hair cut every three or four months. The clippers overheat at the fair if you have never gave them a hair cut.
The chickens aren’t that hard to take care of. Clean them when their poop box is full (a box you put under the roost where the chickens sleep to keep the sawdust clean). You have to change their water twice a day and you have to make sure they have grain constantly. My chickens are friendly. I bring them in my house sometimes because I can pick them up and bring them in (chickens like watching TV). My mom isn’t that happy when I bring them in, though. We get new chicks every year to keep up with egg sales. We feed a 95 percent organic grain and it is Non-GMO grain.

Grandpa’s farm
By Sadie Sumner
Grade 5, Williston Central School
If I was going to bring anyone to my grandpa’s farm, Windy Ridge Farm, in southern Vermont I would bring all of my friends and my teachers, especially Ms. Peterson. My grandpa’s farm has cows and barn cats, not a crazy, cool barn, but one where you can find the country inside of you. He has a large barn and about 60 cows. He only has about 20 barn cats. He has a lot of land. We always ride on his three-wheeler when we go out to the back fields. He has about 5 different fields. He plants corn and grows pumpkins. He also sometimes grows sunflowers and he gives them to me, my grandma and my mom. We carve pumpkins for Halloween every year. His farm is smaller than a huge horse farm, and much larger than a small pig farm. He is probably the hardest working, old, man that I know. And I’m proud that my grandpa has a farm. He is encouraging me to get my hunting license. So when I do I will go hunting at his house when I can.

Martel Farm
By Chris Barber
Grade 5, Williston Central School
The farm I live on is the Martel farm. All year round, the family usually has something to entertain themselves with outside. In the summer, spring and fall my brother and I ride our dirt bike and our grandpa takes the family on tractor rides.
In the winter, we go snowmobiling in the fields. We also go sliding on the top of Martel Hill with my older cousins. My favorite time of year on the farm is winter because of the snowmobiling and sledding.
One thing really good about the farm is that we can store a lot of stuff like tractors, snowmobiles and other supplies. Another really good thing is that most of my mom’s side of the family lives near the farm. I like living on a farm because you get to do a lot of things, but, sometimes it’s hard work.

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