May 21, 2018

Young Writers Project: ‘Chance’

Young Writers Project is an independent nonprofit that engages students to write, helps them improve and connects them with authentic audiences through the Newspaper Series (and and the Schools Project ( YWP is supported by this newspaper and foundations, businesses and individuals who recognize the power and value of writing.
This week, we publish writing in response to the prompt “Chance: Begin with this phrase, It was my last chance to…”

The Truth
By Sadie Sumner
Grade 5, Williston Central School
It was my last chance to tell them the truth. I can’t believe I lied to my best friends! Amelia, Vicky and Anna will never listen to me again! It happened too fast. Last I knew we were eating lunch and I told them I was from Canada. They don’t know me well enough because I moved here this year, but they proved me wrong. I know it was wrong to lie, but all they ever talk about is Canada, and more about Canada! It was so annoying! The only reason I said I was from Canada was because they asked me where I was from and I wanted to impress them. But really I’m from Southern Vermont! I hope they will forgive me! I miss their friendship way too much. If this is my last chance at making them forgive me, it will take all I’ve got.

Last Dance
By Maya Phelan
Grade 5, Williston Central School
It was my last chance to dance on that stage. I heard the crowd roaring and my dance coach in my ear saying, “You got this. Go out there and show them what you are made of. I believe in you and so does that crowd.” Then my earpiece went silent, the lights dimmed and I got a small nudge from behind telling me it was time to go on. I stepped out on stage and the crowd was silent. All eyes were on me. I turned on my smile and I heard my music. Then my feet started to move and I danced so hard that I reached the end and I didn’t even know it. The music stopped and the lights dimmed and the crowed started cheering.

Dead Men’s Cliff
By Katherine Veronneau
Grade 5, Williston Central School
It was my last chance to get up to the top of the ledge.  I was holding on to a branch in the rock and I could tell that it wasn’t going to hold me for long.
Wait, let me start this over. It all started on May 7. I was talking with my friends and Linda asked me if I had heard about Dead Men’s Cliff. She told me that there had been a new TV show. She said it was about a man who was trying to climb a cliff and that if you called and asked, they would give you a spot on the show to try to climb the cliff. They said that if you failed, they wouldn’t pay for the hospital bills…
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