January 19, 2019

Write a poem about what you like best about Williston


Brayden Bartlett

Grade 7


I Love it

Lingering mountains
Incredible views
So beautiful
Oh so fun
Never alone

Very weird weather
Everyone is kind
Really amazing
Many valleys are beautiful
Overly nice
Too good to be true


Williston is Home

By Jared Kartschoke

Grade 4

Williston means everything to me

I’m so happy I feel like I’m going to ski

Beautiful, green mountains I see,

Williston means everything to me


Winter in Vermont

By Mauve Nolan

The snow is falling on my face. I’m catching snowflakes on my tongue. Winter is the best season in VT, but for the cold.


The Library

By April Palmer

Grade 4

A warm, soft, cozy and informative place

A place of great titles

The Library

A place where people are kind and courageous

A place that welcomes anyone

A place that is quiet and peaceful

A place that holds great Ideas and magic

But the library is mostly one big thing, one different world

The library is not a lonely place but not a crowded place, It’s just right

The library talks to you, invites you to come, it challenges you

It shouts at you “Come In!” but it does not talk

The Library
Why I love Vermont
Grace Colbeth

Grade 7
From the sweet smell of maple syrup,
to the smell of the crisp winter air.
From the summer sun,
to the spring flowers.
From the colorful fall leaves,
to the spring puddles.
From the children that surround me,
to the teachers that inspire me.
From the vibrant sunsets,
to the vivid mountain ranges.
From the lake breeze,
to the clashing animal species.
From the love of the game,

to the love for my family.
From the friendships that have started,

to the memories that stand still.
Is my home,



Williston- The Tiny But Awesome Town                         

By Sophia Cross

Grade 5

I live in Williston.

We have everything a normal town has.

A shopping plaza,

2 schools,

An amazing library,

A pizza place,

And the usual hubbub of people,

Going about their usual lives.

We are a tiny suburb just outside of Burlington.


I mean it.

Really tiny.

We’re not on many maps.

We don’t have many famous people.

So what?

Sometimes we don’t get a lot of attention,

Or big TV news stories,

Or have famous people.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t awesome,


So, that is fine.


Williston Is…

Will Moody

Grade 7

Williston Is…

Williston is not just a town, its a community

Williston is hidden by beautiful maple trees,

We are sheltered by the Green Mountains,

Williston is the colors of nature,

green, yellow, white, and blue

Williston is fresh,

Williston is homemade and organic,

Williston is made from the ground up,

Williston is small,

Williston is quality not quantity,

Williston is seen as who we are,

Williston is a back road to success,

Williston will always be ours,

Williston is what we make of it,

Williston can be whatever we want it to be

We are Williston, and Williston is us,

Williston is…



The Williston Library  

By Kendra Murphy

I love to get books here

I always find something good

Always see a friendly face

Books line the shelves

I am happy to be able to go here!


Maple Syrup   

By Charlie Littlefield

Grade 5


Always good

Perfect flavor


Excellent taste

Super smooth

Yellow and amber colored

Ready for consumers

Using tree sap





Hannah Steadman

Grade 6

Williston is wonderful,

It’s a wonderful place,

It’s so wonderful that

it brings a smile to my face!


It’s an interesting place,

full of beautiful things,

they’re so beautiful that

they’ll make you sing!


It’s a lovely place,

filled with great beauty,

It’ll lift your mood so much that

you’ll feel so fruity!


It’s a nice place,

filled with such happiness,

when you experience it

you’ll lose all your sadness!



Emily Marvin

Grade 6

I like the animals

the snow

the stars in the night


I like the nature

the quietness

The house that I live in


I like the snow days

the weekends

the plays we perform


But most of all I like the people by my side



Tony Nguyen

Grade 6

Cold and long Winters.

Nature in the Summertime.

Rainy days in Spring.


Emma Strack

Grade 6

The snow is nice for me

After a snowstorm, nothing is you can see

My favorite thing to do

Well why don’t I tell you

I glide on the snow
As fast as you can throw

My poles dig down

There is no way I can frown

It is snowing

And it feels like I’m glowing

Nothing can stop me

In Williston, I love to ski


Reid ZuWallack

Grade 6

Williston is open and nice.

I Like Williston.

Love the open land.

Like freshness and fun almost every day.

I think you will like Williston.

So beautiful.

The nice land and tall grass.

Oh I love Williston.

No city.





Daniel Hibbeler

Grade 6

Wintery woods.

Oak trees.

Overwhelming smells.

Dogs can run freely in the wintery wonderland.

Seeping sap.




Hunter Durgin

Grade 6

Ice fishing in winter

Cold is good

Eating the fish

Fishing with eyes and minnows

Ice needs to be thick


Home to cook the fish

I love fishing with my grandpa

Now its time to ice fish

Got to go!



Katie Scheer

Grade 7

I like the frosty white snow that falls from the cloudy sky. I like the colorful leaves that fall from the tall trees. I like the friendly people that greet me every morning. I like the smell of wood burning that greets me walking down the street. I like how everybody is different in their own special way. I like hearing the church bells ringing. I like feeling the tickly grass under my toes. I like my friends who can tackle me to the ground or cry in front of me over the smallest thing. I love my parents even though they can bug me so much I will scream. I love Vermont.



Kobe y Pecor

Grade 5

Happiest  place on earth

oh so much laughter

my family is awesome

energetic  family



Kiara Poitras

Grade 5

Will make people enjoy life

In a great town if you are here

Leaving it is like never smiling

Love it as long as you can

In the town of awesomeness

So many things to do

To cool for outsiders

Only the best state

Never a bad place to live

Vermont is the best state in the USA

Take a walk in the woods and there so many cool things




Samantha Polley

Grade 5

Very friendly people

Extraordinary sights to see

Really good maple syrup

Mountains wherever you look

On the streams, the brook trout jump

Nests full of baby bluebirds in spring

Trees full of fresh air we love to breath





Jagger Lehouiller

Grade 5


Endless snow
Really awesomely green

Maple syrup

Obviously amazing

No bad angry people



Williston Poem

Kai Sedic-Lawton

Grade 6

Williston, Vermont

Filled with beauty, as well as peace

Joy and happiness are here.




Daniel Moshovetis
Grade 5

Wonderful place

I love it here

Lots of friends

Lots of trees

It’s amazing here

So cool

Tons of fun


Nice people everywhere




Nick Gigliotti

Grade 5







a Town


Nice people



Jessica Ammon

Grade 5

Wonderful maple syrup

Interesting things to do for fun

Lovely neighborhoods to live in

Living here is wonderful

In a beautiful part of the state

Sights to see

The trees in fall

One of a kind




Jessica Gagne

Grade 7

Williston is…



Lovely scenery





Out of this World



My Williston Tanka

By Justin Schaaf, Grade 7

This town is so nice.

Blanketed in snow and ice;

Doesn’t mind weather;

Gets family together;

It is my wonderful home.


My Williston Cinquain

By Justin Schaaf, Grade 7


Catamount Center,

Skiing, Biking, running,

Family fun for everyone,




Ethan Czarny

Grade 5

Jay Peak rocks

Awesome water slides

You are gonna have a good time

Plunge into the warm water

Endless fun

Amazing views
Kind people




Kyrell Ward

Grade 6








A bility




Winter Poem

By Izzy Glickman

Grade 4

W inter wonderland

I nside around the fire

N ot getting out of bed

T he sleds racing down the hill

E nding the day with hot chocolate

R unning in the snow
Williston Poem

By Ananya Rohatgi

Grade 3

W onderful environment

I ncredibly beautiful

L ots of things to do

L ovely views

I s cherishable

S uper intelligent people

T he best schools

O ptimistic place to live

N ever is alone


Williston Poem

By Asja Tuco

Grade 4

W onderful views

I ntelligent people

L itter free

L oyal

I ncredible families

S uper sunner summers

T asty restaurants

O ld town

N ever ending fun




Alexa Butler

Williston is the life of a party,

It is where you will find maple syrup,

Williston is one of Vermont’s amazing towns,

It is located in Chittenden County Vermont



Noah LeCours

I love Williston it the place for fun joy and partying




Mary McNamara

What I like best about Williston is that our community is very nice and generous and they are all very caring.


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