January 22, 2019

Wish law

By Maya Lewis

Grade 3

If I could make up any law my “wish law” is cropping dogs ears or for that matter any animal’s ears is made illegal. For one reason it is just so cruel to the animal.

There are two ways you can crop your animal’s ears. The first way is a two person job. You also need a knife or scissors. Then one person holds the animal and one person crops the ears.

The second way is more humane, it is having a vet do it. All they do is put the animal under anesthesia and then take a surgical razor and cut the dog’s ears. The animal might not be able to feel the pain but it is still cruel to pay a vet to cut your pet’s ears off.

The worst case but also the most common case is that the animal gets a very, very, very bad ear infection and they have to put the animal down.

Cropping animals’ ears is extremely cruel to the animal and if you have to put the animal down it can be extremely traumatic to the owner or owners. That is why I want cropping animals’ ears to be illegal.

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