April 20, 2018

Winless Patriots next foe for CVU football squad

October 10, 2013

After two weekends of being zinged on the road by the fast and furious undefeated Division 1 elites, the 4-2 Champlain Valley Union High gridiron Redhawks return to what they hope will be the more friendly confines of the home sod Saturday.

Joining them in pigskin battle at 1 p.m. will be the 0-6 Mount Anthony Union High Patriots from Bennington. The MAU unit was hammered last Friday night 48-6 by 6-0 Middlebury Union High. The Hawks got a similar treatment in Middlebury two weeks ago.

CVU rolled into South Burlington High’s homecoming this past Saturday night and rolled back out after a 49-6 bamboozling by the swift and 6-0 Rebels.

“South Burlington is loaded,” Redhawks coach Jim Provost said Sunday. “They threw everything at us: running, passing and defense.”

Rebels’ halfback Tanner Contois, perhaps the state’s number one turf burner, made like lightning with a touch of grease applied, juking and dashing for five first half touchdowns from all sorts of distances.

After that, CVU worked the subs into the game and praised their work, especially sophomore running back Jeremy Fuller.

Based on scores of the last two weeks and CVU’s wins over them the past seasons, the Patriots should be fired up when they set foot on the Redhawks’ nest.

“They will want to show CVU what’s what,” said Provost.

The coach thinks MAU will be balanced between running and passing when it has the ball.

The Patriots did claim a victory of sorts at Middlebury. Tyler Mattison’s 27-yard bolt into the end zone in the second period was the first rushing touchdown against the Tigers this season.

Leading ground gainer for MAU in the game was Jacob Normyle with 67 yards in 15 lugs.

Primary injury concern for CVU Saturday was wide receiver and defender Will Potter. Provost said Potter suffered a fractured wrist.

—Mal Boright,
Observer correspondent


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