June 22, 2018

Williston’s biggest issues

Williston Central School middle schoolers answer the prompt: “What is the biggest issue in our town? Write a letter to the town leaders telling them what you think they should do.”


Too many houses

By Isabel Geffken

Williston Central School, Grade 8

Williston is a great town, but Williston, like every town, has some issues. I think one of the biggest issues in our town is too many houses are being built. Many plots in Williston that used to be forests and fields are now turning into condos and apartments. Many of these houses are very close to each other and the road. This does not allow the owners privacy and homes that are livable for families. We need to keep Williston looking historically and aesthetically beautiful, as that is what attracted people to it in the first place.


Fix the roads

By Josh Bliss

Williston Central School, Grade 8

Our roads are gradually becoming worse and worse throughout winter. There are many potholes in roads now and potholes are very bad because they can cause accidents. Someone might not be paying attention and could drive into a pothole that would make them lose control. They could end up driving in the other lane and hitting another car causing a big accident. It would be very helpful if some of the roads were paved again to prevent potholes and accidents. Some roads may even need guardrails to prevent cars from going off the side.


Save our historic structures

By Doug Schmidt

Williston Central School, Grade 8

Being a town manager must be hard. You choose what’s next and what we should do to make this town better. Change scares people and sometimes causes controversy, so when you change something, everyone should be on board.

In the town of Williston, we have many historic structures, but we also have the industrial side of things. The historic buildings that we have like the Brennan Barn and not as much the Old Brick Church are falling apart and it doesn’t take much to renovate. My proposal is to change the way we look at our historic structures. If we take a 2 percent tax increase, we could save our historic structures for more use. Doing it ourselves would save a lot of money and will bring our community together and keep our buildings together for more community use. Think about it; going into a historic structure right in your own neighborhood with a modern-day touch, just like our town.

What do you think? Are you in?


We need a recreation center

By Madison Hubbard

Williston Central School, Grade 6

“Shoot, score!” How would you like to be able to play sports with your friends and have fun? I do! After school, on the weekend, any time. After school, on a nice day, I don’t want to sit in my house. I would rather go to a recreation center to be with my friends. Williston should have a Town Park. It would make our town a lot more social, and we would be exercising without even knowing! In the winter, it’s great to have a place to go when it’s cold out. The benefits would be to keep kids off the streets, keep kids occupied, exercise, increase fitness and group participation. I know I would like to have something to do in my free time.


Williston needs a pool

By Jimmy Jiang

Williston Central School, Grade 6

Summer is the hottest time of the year. Sometimes you just need to chill out. I say Williston should have a community swimming pool.

There are many ways a pool can benefit our community. One way is that it’s a chance to teach your children to swim as well as to see your friends during summer. Learning to swim is an activity that can save lives. It is shown that 175,000 children every year die from drowning.

Williston should have a pool to reduce child and teen obesity. One out of three children in America are overweight. Having a swimming pool kids go to would reduce the number of overweight kids in Vermont. It will also help prevent kids from having high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and respiratory problems.


Street lights

By Caroline McNamara

Williston Central School, Grade 5

To see or not to see…..

Everyone should have streetlights in their Williston neighborhoods. Streetlights help you see better. At night you could play outside longer. It would be safer because you could see strangers and know not to talk to them and walk the other way.


School should start later

By Olivia O’Neal

Williston Central School, Grade 5

I go to Williston Central School, and I feel as if the school day should start at 10:30 and end at 4:30 so students and staff can get more sleep to be more energized for school. In all classes, students won’t almost fall asleep, more work can be done in classes because students won’t be as tired. The students and staff will be more relaxed and it will be easier for kids to focus on school, not sleep. Kids would love it, too. And those are all my reasons for having the school day start later.

More water fountains

By Lily Michalak

Williston Central School, Grade 5

Did you know your body is mostly made of water? I’m Lily Michalak and I think that inside and on the playground at Williston Central School there should be more water fountains. I know that I don’t drink lots of water over the school day. I think that having more water fountains all over our school and the playground could help people drink enough water. It will help people be hydrated and healthier. It will also help save the Earth from all of the plastic bottles of water thrown away. This could be a good thing for WCS, and the Williston community.


Williston needs a homeless shelter

By Camille Ménard

Williston Central School, Grade 5

My name is Camille Ménard and I am a student at WCS. Don’t you think we should have a homeless shelter in Williston? I do. I think this because people are losing their jobs and they don’t have the money to buy or rent a house. I also think this because in Williston we don’t have many resources for the homeless (no food, clothing, shelter, etc.). Some people might say that it will cost too much money to build a shelter but making lots of houses for all the homeless people would cost more money. Overall, we should build a homeless shelter because how would you feel if you were homeless? That is why we should build a homeless shelter.


Longer recess

By Gabby Beaulieu

Williston Central School, Grade 6

We should have one hour for lunch and recess at WCS so students can socialize. I want my claim to go through so people can be with their friends and not separated from the people they know. If we have one hour long lunch and recess we would have 30 minutes for lunch and 30 minutes of the recess. If you finish your lunch early, you can go outside to enjoy recess longer.


A larger garden

By Christion Martell

Williston Central School, Grade 6

Our school should have a larger garden during the spring, summer and fall to grow fresh produce for our lunches. I know that we already have one but it is tiny and if we make it bigger then we can get more fruits and vegetables to make healthier foods.


Lacrosse team

By Hannah Bohmann

Williston Central School, Grade 6

Have you noticed that there are no school lacrosse teams in Williston? WCS should have lacrosse teams for the school. We need a school lacrosse team because more people could sign up, and parents and guardians could carpool after practice to save gas. Lacrosse is also very fun, and people will enjoy it. Currently, there are about eight fifth and sixth grade girls signed up for rec lacrosse, and if it is at school sport, more people will know about it and sign up. This is good for building new friendships in different houses, if you don’t get to see them at lunch and recess. It will also add more school spirit from different kids in another sport. This is why WCS should have lacrosse teams.


Support the budget

By Eric Couture

Williston Central School, Grade 5

I’m a kid that goes to Williston Central School and support the proposed school budget.

The main topic of this letter is the iPads. One advantage of having iPads is there would be a large reduction in paper use. Also there would be no use for calculators because the students could use their iPads. Kids also would not have to worry about forgetting anything at school, as their work would all be on their iPads. Because of this, there would be an increased amount of kids getting their work done.

In conclusion, I wish the budget had passed last month because iPads would be a big help to our school.


Add a drive-through

By Colby Norton

Williston Central School, Grade 5 

My name is Colby Norton and I think we should have drive-through restaurants in the town of Williston. One reason that I think that is because it will help people save money by not having to drive all the way to Essex and South B. to get some quick dinner. People would save gas by not having to drive that far. The second reason that we should have drive-throughs in the town of Williston is that it will help the economy. The way that it will do this is because you will need more workers to run a drive-through. In conclusion, I think that we should have drive-through restaurants in Williston.

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