June 19, 2018

Williston kids: ‘my favorite things’

My favorite thing about Williston is:

The maple trees. One reason is because I like maple syrup. My second reason is because I like to hang the buckets. My third reason is that every day I like to walk into the woods and smell the fresh air. —Alec Blevins,  Grade 2

The nature. One reason is because it is pretty and colorful. Two, it is peaceful and quiet. My third reason is that it is calm.
—Keagan Paya, Grade 2

The Allen Brook Trail because I like throwing rocks in the water. I also really like going to the bridge with my dad and mom. —Simon Barrett, Grade 2

Allen Brook School because there are super nice teachers, I love the classrooms, and the kids are really nice. —Naomi Oxender, Grade 1

The Fourth of July parade and fireworks. —Deanna Cardinal, Grade 2

The best teacher ever! —Elizabeth Parent, Grade 1

The playground because I like to swing. —Taylor Ahlum, Grade 2

There are lots of trees. —Lenaya Waterhouse, Grade 2

There are big mountains to see. —Megan Rexford, Grade 2

Having fun doing everything in school, eating lunch at school, having fun out and inside and doing math with Ms. Herbert is fun. —Owen Withum, Grade 1

When I’m at home. Because it is my favorite place. —Peyton Anderson, Grade 1

Bike riding with my family on my bike path. —Makenna Patrick, Grade 2

The woods, because there are pretty trees because the leaves change colors. —Isabella Leombruno, Grade 2

ABS because I love my teacher. —Scout Barbic, Grade 1

Hiking, because when you are at the top of the Williston hills you can look down and see nature. That is my favorite thing about Williston. —Matthew Zych Grade 2

The movie theater because it has lots of movies. —Marissa Cross, Kindergarten

The park. —Julia Benoit, Kindergarten

My friend’s home is right across from me. —Billy Bates, Kindergarten

The library and Toys R Us.
— Lee Friedman, Kindergarten

Allen Brook School. —Jasper Wood, Kindergarten

Allen Brook. —Max Ludwar, Pre-K


My favorite part about spring is:

I like to pick the flowers and we start planting a garden. —Julia Lamorey, Grade 2

I think about my best friend’s birthday and the flowers blooming. I think about my sister and I reading a book outside.
—Nina Zimakas, Grade 2

Seeing the birds chirping up high and it is nice and lovely.
—Ava Medici, Grade 2

Jumping in puddles because there is lots of rain. —Mia White, Grade 1

To draw on the driveway with chalk. I can draw my favorite things. —James Chase, Grade 1

I can play outside in the spring air and climb my apple tree.
—Cleo Miller-Young, Grade 2

Get chalk and stuffed animals from the Easter Bunny and lots of candy. —Jasmine Cousino, Grade 2

Easter, because I get eggs with candy or money in them and I get gifts from the Easter bunny. —Kyle Marvin, Grade 2

The snow melting and I can play baseball. —Jaydon Bushong, Grade 1

The flowers because I plant them with my mom. —Collin Echols, Grade 1

That you do not have to wear heavy, winter clothing because it is warm. —Avery Hawkins, Grade 1

Hunting, because I get to be with my dad. —Luke Howe, Grade 2

The sun is out longer. —Mia Merola, Kindergarten

Planting a garden because you can plant almost any kind of food and almost any kind of flower. —Kennedy Desautels, Grade 1

Riding on my scooter because there are hills and I can go fast. —Sabrina Butler, Grade 1

I get to go to the skateboard park. —Christian Dantey, Kindergarten

Playing t-ball. —Patrick Ricca, Kindergarten

I like watching the snow melt. —Zina Seferagic, Kindergarten

Playing outdoor soccer because when you run the wind blows in your face and you get to be outside and you can be with your friends. —Addison Hunter, Grade 2

Playing in the mud. —Cassie Ward, Kindergarten

Looking for four-leaf clovers in my backyard. —Natashka Pankey-Siebert, Kindergarten

Shoot balls for my dog outside. —Abigail Weliczka, Kindergarten

Playing out in my backyard on my playground. —Jacob Armstrong, Kindergarten

My favorite thing to do with my friends is…

Snowboarding with friends that I have had since preschool. —Kelsey Davidson, Grade 1

To play in the snow in winter and to go swimming in the summer. —Brooklyn Stephenson, Grade 1

To throw a softball to each other. If you catch the ball, you get two points. —Nicolas Menard, Grade 1

To play games, listen to music and eat lunch. —Lucia Martone, Grade 1

Play video games with them because the graphics are awesome. —Alex Jadus, Grade 2 

My favorite thing to do with my friends is exploring. I go out and find things and create with them. —Abby Niquette, Grade 1

To go in the hot tub. We get out of the hot tub and we go down the slide. Our feet get cold. —Ava Barron, Grade 1

Bay blade. Bay blade is exciting! You may win!! You may lose. It’s amazing! —Mitch Niarchos, Grade 1

To have sleepovers. —Danielle Gamelin, Grade 2

Go flying down the zipline. It’s fun! —Sam Bartley, Grade 2

To go and play at Sand Hill! —Grace Lovely-Wells, Grade 2

My favorite thing to do with my friends is go outside and jump on the trampoline! —Jocelyn Kaplan, Grade 2

Play board games because they are fun. —Devon Gamelin, Grade 2

Play with them outside with water balloons. —Zoe Bryan, Grade 2

Have play dates and play air hockey. —Declan Shea, Grade 2

Go to the beach with them because you can make sand castles and play in the water. —John Dasilva, Grade 2

Doing projects with my friends. —Chloe Avery, Kindergarten

Playing football with my friends. —Grayson Renaud, Kindergarten

Mail letters to them. —Julia Fullerton, Kindergarten

Have two sleepovers in a row. —Kyle Krieger, Kindergarten

Go to their birthday party. —Jaden Miller-Young, Kindergarten

Catch butterflies in the summer. —Allison Biunno, Kindergarten

Talk with them at lunchtime. —Vincent Meyer

Going skiing with my friends. — Maggie Connors, Kindergarten

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