May 26, 2016

Williston Town Boards

4th of July Committee
Parks & Recreation Department 878-1239
Cemetery Commission        878-1239
Jeff Carlson
Don Thurston
Hazel Winter
Bea Harvey

Conservation Commission 878-6704 x 4
Meets first and third Thursday of the month.
Marie-Claude Beaudette
Gary Hawley 879-4926 (home)
Eric Howe 734-7238 (home)
Michael Harris 872-8106 (home)
Carl Runge 879-4490 (home)
Jean Kissner 879-0201 (home)
Jude Hersey 878-9211 (home)


Development Review Board   878-6704
Meets second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall
Brian Jennings
John Hemmelgarn
Scott Rieley
John Bendzungs
Rebecca Tharp
David Turner
Peter KelleyMichael Alvanos


Historic Preservation & Architectural Advisory Committee
Elizabeth Jordan Shook 879-2521
Karen Fragnoli-Munn 878-8404
Emily Morton


Doug Goulette 878-7427
MaryJo Childs 879-4968
Phil Swett 878-6490
Joy PetersonBrian Forrest


Justices of the Peace
 Debbie Ingram
Terry Mcraig 878-3872 (home)
Ted Kenney 878-0238 (home)
Deb Beckett 658-6152 (home)
Joy Limoge 878-9811 (home)
Jim McCullough 878-2180 (home)
Andy Mikell 865-2738 (home)
Tony Lamb 878-1251 (home)
Ginger Morton 879-4558 (home)
Christopher Roy 879-7322 (home)
Bret Powell 872-0742 (home)
Ginny Lyons 863-6129 (home)
Ruth Stokes
Carter Smith 878-2511 (home)
Ben Rose 879-5253 (home)

Planning Commission
Meets first and third Tuesday of the month at 7pm
Michael Alvanos
Jake Mathon
794-1936 (home)
879-9503 (home)
Thomas Walsh
Kevin Batson 872-8303 (home)
Meghan Cope 878-8408 (home)
Shannon Hiltner 871-5411 (home)
Paul LaskaCathy O’Brien (alternate) 876-7690 (home)
878-6022 (home)

Recreation Committee
Meet 2 nd Thursday, Town Hall Annex, 7am
Robert Metz
Thomas Watson
Eric Kelley
Michael Clauss
Keri Goldberg
Mark Gagne
 Danielle Doucette

Meets the first and third Monday of the month at 7 p.m., Town Hall
Terry Macaig, Chairman 878-3872
Debbie Ingram 879-0054
Joy Limoge  878-0011
Jeff Fehrs 879-3121
Ted Kenney 871-5638

Social Concerns & Education Scholarship Committee
Susan Lamb – Town Offices 878-0919 (work)

Trustee of Old Brick Church
Barrett Peterson 878-8241 (home)
Carol West 879-1176 (home)
Joy Peterson 878-2511 (home)
Jack Price 879-7603 (home)
Alice Beisiegel 879-6828
Staff Contact – Bruce Hoar 878-1239