April 21, 2018

Williston couples share their love stories

The Observer asked couples who have been together for 20 years or more to share their love stories for our Valentine’s Day issue.


Our Love Story

By Rachel and Larry Ring


We blame it all on a furry mongrel named Ginger.

While in the elevator one winter’s day as I once again headed out to walk that elderly dog, I met the woman of my dreams. Her first words were not promising. “My God, what an ugly dog,” she said.

Fortunately, the conversation improved from there, and we were soon good friends. On our first official date, Rachel stood me up at the movies! The movie was terrible, and I was pretty mad, but Rachel was there waiting for me at movie’s end, having been held up at work. This was before cell phones, the dark ages, and she could not call to let me know she’d be late. But there she was outside the theater with a hug and a smile. We’ve been in love ever since, and married 24 years with three beautiful children, and a new (cuter) dog.


Our Love Story

By Larry Mindell


Peg Allen and I met in October 1980, when she was a hair stylist in Burlington. I was new to the area and needed a haircut. Peg’s eyes were the first things I noticed, behind the most stylish eyeglasses I’d ever seen.  Peg said she thought I had nice hair (go figure, she was a hair stylist)!

We hit it off immediately, but both of us were in our 30s, divorced and a little skittish about relationships. We got to know each other during haircuts for nine months, until Peg took the initiative and asked me out for a drink. After many wonderful dates, we were married May 26, 1985. I liked the way she cut my hair so much I had to marry her!

There’s a line in a poem by Robert Browning, “Come grow old with me, the best is yet to be.” As good as the past 30+ years have been, the next 30 will be even better!


In love, with words

By Rick Blount



Lesli wrote a column for the college newspaper. Valentine’s Day my freshman year, she wrote, “I don’t like being in love. It does strange things to me. I smile too much.”  Her funny, smart words made me smile.

But she was two years ahead, one of the cool party people. I was a runner geek.

The next year, I edited the newspaper and Lesli edited the yearbook in the office next door. We began talking about life. One weekend, she invited me over to write headlines.

We married my senior year. We already had created a vocabulary of our love—words from philosophy class, math. We still add words—from travel, reading, life.

This is our 32nd  Valentine’s Day together. Lesli will be up first, making coffee, sitting with the newspaper and a pen, writing smart, funny comments in the margins. Her words will make me smile.


Love Story

By Glenn Steinman











Some folks don’t believe in love at first sight. Well, I have witnesses.

Fran and I met through some friends at a pool hall on 14th street in New York City 22 years ago. ALL of them confirm this story.

When Fran and I first laid eyes on each other something powerful happened. Words can’t explain the feelings, but here’s what it looked like: The world stopped! Not just for us, but for everyone around us. There might have been 150 people in that place; everyone stood frozen, nobody took a shot, nobody spoke, nobody blinked. They just watched as two street kids let down all their defenses and fears and let the undeniable truth that love at first sight had just changed them forever.

Once the world started moving again, an old-timer came up to me and said, “You take good care of that girl, now.”

I always will.



My love story

By Lucie Pecor



On my husband’s 17th birthday at North Beach in Burlington, he asked me to go out. When he was 18, he enlisted in the Navy. While he was in boot camp in Florida, I received three letters in one day asking me to marry him. At the same time I was reading his letters, the phone rang. Yes, it was him, asking me to marry him. Of course, I said “yes” and on Jan. 12, 1979 he flew back to Vermont. On Jan. 13, we married. We were 18 embarking on a new life together away from home the first time, no honeymoon as he was in Navy’s A1 School. On Jan. 13, 2009, he surprised me and married me all over again in the same church we married in 30 years before. It has now been three daughters, three grandchildren and 34 years together, we are hoping for at least 34 more wonderful years.


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