Who is my favorite athlete and why

By Nolan Shea

Grade 8

All athletes can be very fun to watch for many reasons. If you like a sport or a sports team you are most likely to have a favorite athlete. Mine are Red Gerard, Brad Marchand, and Charlie Mcavoy.

Red Gerard

Red Gerard is an 18 year old snowboarder that won gold in the olympics this year. I don’t only like him because he is good, one of the biggest reasons I like him is because he is very funny and relatable. He has been on many talk shows that I watch and they were very interesting and funny. He was talking about what it was like to be so young in the olympics, so it was really easy to put myself in his shoes.

Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins is one of my other favorite athletes. I like him because he is very fun to watch. What makes him fun to watch is his style of play. He is not very big, but he is one of the fastest and best puck handlers in the league. He also is very chippy on the ice, like bumping into people, or just messing with them and getting in their head. But sometimes he takes it too far and gets a penalty or suspension himself.

Charlie Mcavoy

Last but not least is Charlie Mcavoy. He plays hockey for the Boston Bruins also. He is a young guy in the league and started his career with a few goals his first few games. He also has a funny attitude, and is really nice to fans. He is a part of one of my favorite companies called Barstool. He has some hats that are cool looking. By being a part of that company, he got a lot of young fans to relate to him.

Favorite athletes are very important to have for motivation and interest in the sport. Seeing your favorite athlete do great stuff can make you want to do great stuff.