June 23, 2018

What is the biggest issues in Williston?

What is the biggest issue in our town?


Michael Russo

Grade 8

What I think the biggest issue in Williston is the roads. The roads here are terrible. The roads are really bumpy and sometimes it can be slippery, but that just could be the ice. When I look at the roads there are a lot of holes and cracks. It bugs me. Please fix that.


Ali Bisaccia

Grade 8

I think the biggest issue in our town is having unfilled potholes in our roads. We have some roads that have been chipped away and are in rough condition. This helps break down cars and car tires. Also it makes a bumpy ride. I think the town leaders should take the tax we pay and put some of it towards getting people to fill in the potholes or paving the roads in general. This would make the roads safer and keep the cars in better shape.


Stephanie Joseph

Grade 8

I think that the biggest issue in our town is that we don’t have enough stores. One reason why we don’t have any big stores is because the people who live in Williston think it will cause too much traffic. We have a Walmart in Williston and there isn’t a lot of traffic there. Walmart is away from most of the other big stores in Williston, it has a huge parking lot and there are multiple entrances. If we did these same things with the Target then we wouldn’t have to worry as much about the traffic.



Erica Bliss

Grade 8

I think that one of the biggest issues in Williston is the intersection of North Williston Road and Mountain View. I think that this is a problem, because some people think that it’s a four-way-stop. Sometimes this ends in a collision, and car crashes can be very serious. There are many solutions to this problem. You could put in a traffic light or a roundabout, but I think a good solution is adding two more stop signs, because it’s a) cheaper and b) lots of people already think that there are four stop signs at the intersection.


Logan Cody

Grade 7

To whom it may concern,

I think the biggest issue in our town is the lack of winter maintenance on many neighborhood sidewalks. Often, I step off the bus to icy sidewalks and must walk in the middle of the road, which is very dangerous. Williston’s sidewalk snow blower seems to only clear commercial sidewalks and busy road areas. South Burlington and Essex have similar equipment and do a better job clearing neighborhood sidewalks. If Williston plows and salts their neighborhoods, our community would be safer.

Thank you, Logan Cody


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