March 19, 2019

‘We shine brighter together’ 

This quote is featured in this year’s Williston Central School mentoring display — full of shooting stars and blinking lights — just unveiled in the school lobby. It speaks to the importance of mentoring in the lives of both mentors and mentees.

This National Mentoring Month, I want to focus on the ways WCS mentors lives are enriched by their participation in Connecting Youth Mentoring. Here’s what a few WCS prospective mentors had to say about what they hope to gain from their mentoring experience.

“For me, mentoring will be a chance to come down off a crazy schedule and connect with another person. We will have no agenda, no worries, we will just enjoy our time. How often do people say they can do that during an action-packed week?”

“I know I will get gems every time I am with my mentee, based on their traditions, culture and wisdom.”

“Mentoring sounds like a fun new role that will give me an opportunity to learn what’s going on in the mind of a cool kid.”

“Mentoring is a chance to connect with young people and increase my sense of meaning.”

“Mentoring lets me feel youthful and have unadulterated fun.”

“I will get to see a young person mature and build up their self-confidence and step out in life.”

“I love kids, value them highly, and enjoy spending time with them. I will treasure this one-on-one time each week.”

“I know I will get more back than I give.”

“I hope mentoring will keep me more vibrant, alive and in touch with young people.”

The initial decision to volunteer as a mentor comes from wanting to give back. The decision to keep mentoring, year after year, is a powerful statement of the reciprocity of mentoring relationships. It is no coincidence that the average WCS mentor has now served over five and a half years.

We shine brighter together, indeed.

Nancy Carlson

Connecting Youth Mentoring Coordinator

Williston Central School

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