June 22, 2018

WCS dances into April break

By Luke Baynes

Observer staff

Victoria Jadus

Instead of watching the clock tick in slow motion, Williston Central School students watched one another dance to pulsing beats on the day before April break.

The second annual “Dance-A-Rama,” held on April 19 in the “new” WCS gymnasium, gave third- and fourth-graders the chance to dance their way into vacation under the guidance of seventh and eighth grade choreographers.

“We looked for an opportunity to mix the third- and fourth-graders and have some fun,” said WCS physical education teacher Lynn McClintock. “Because they can go through the whole year without mixing … so this is a way for them to all get together and dance.”

After a solid hour of group dances – judged by a panel of “celebrity guest judges” (i.e. WCS teachers in costume) in the style of the television program “America’s Best Dance Crew” – McClintock called a halt to the foot stomping.

But before dismissing the mob of ecstatic vacationers, McClintock paid tribute to Dick Clark, the television icon of “American Bandstand” fame who passed away on April 18.

“Let’s remember Dick Clark, the man who got us all dancing,” McClintock said.

The group of WCS students – most of whose grandparents were born after “America’s oldest teenager” – responded with a respectful round of applause.

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