September 26, 2018

VNA joins UVM Health Network

The Visiting Nurse Association of Chittenden and Grand Isle Counties (VNA) Board of Directors voted unanimously last week to affiliate with the University of Vermont Health Network.

The partnership will take effect Jan. 1. It is aimed at greater integration and collaboration among health care providers across the full continuum of care and addressing the increasing demand for home health and hospice services.

“I’m thrilled the VNA will have a seat at the table, alongside the UVM Health Network’s member hospitals and physician organization, as we work toward our shared vision of a fully integrated, regional healthcare system,” said Judy Peterson, VNA president and CEO. “Through better integration, we will be able to provide more seamless, personalized, compassionate care while also improving the health of the whole community by reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and controlling costs.”

The partnership is the result of discussions that began in late 2015.

“This partnership perfectly captures Vermont’s approach to healthcare reform: bringing providers of all types together in new ways to deliver better, more efficient care,” said John Brumsted, president and CEO of the UVM Health Network and CEO of the UVM Medical Center. “Better coordination between our organizations will enhance the excellent care the VNA is known for and provide patients with a smoother transition back home when they have had a hospital stay.”

Peterson cites examples such as expanded telemonitoring services, increased education opportunities for clinical staff and better coordination of patient care between the VNA, hospital and physician offices. Group purchasing through the UVM Health Network will allow the VNA to realize savings that can be reinvested in programs and staff, while technological advances will make care more seamless for patients and efficient for staff.

The VNA will remain a non-profit organization with its own board of directors, responsible for its own balance sheet and fundraising efforts. In the future, the VNA will adopt the UVM Health Network branding and will develop a new name and brand identity that is aligned with its role in the network.

“We will continue to provide medically necessary services to anyone who needs them, regardless of their ability to pay, “said Peterson. “Joining the UVM Health Network affords us the opportunity to tap into additional resources to continue this mission.”

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