May 26, 2018

VHC announces online health coverage ‘calculator’

September 5th, 2013

Vermont Health Connect recently announced the launch of an online subsidy calculator, available at The calculator allows Vermonters to determine if they will qualify for financial help to pay for part of their monthly health care premiums starting in 2014. Vermont Health Connect is a marketplace, opening Oct. 1, that will allow individuals, families and small businesses to compare private health plans side-by-side and find financial help to pay for care. Vermont Health Connect is also for individuals and families in Vermont to find out about and enroll in public health coverage. For Vermonters who have questions or need assistance enrolling, experts will be available online, by phone and in person.

Vermonters who purchase a health plan through Vermont Health Connect may qualify for a subsidy, in the form of a tax credit, which will help pay a portion of monthly premiums starting in 2014. They can choose to apply the subsidy to their monthly premiums or receive it all at once when they file federal income taxes. Financial help will also be available for some lower-income individuals and families to help pay for out-of-pocket health care costs. If an employer offers health coverage, their employees will not be eligible for this subsidy.

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