March 23, 2019

Vermont’s moose hunt preliminary total is 40

Observer courtesy photo
Brad Lord of Avon, Conn., shows a bull moose he took Oct. 21, the opening morning of Vermont’s 2017 regular moose hunting season.

The Vermont Fish &Wildlife Department says a preliminary count reveals hunters harvested 40 moose in this year’s regulated hunting seasons.

“A count on Oct. 31 showed that hunters reported eight moose being taken by 18 hunters in the Oct. 1-7 archery season and 32 moose taken by 70 hunters in the Oct. 21-26 regular season,” said Cedric Alexander, Vermont’s moose project leader.

Alexander said a few additional reports may still be sent in from other reporting agents.

Permits were issued for bulls in only 16 of Vermont’s 21 wildlife management units. The number of hunting permits and the restriction to bulls only were designed to increase population growth.

The overall regular season hunter success rate reported to date is 46 percent, virtually unchanged from 45 percent last year.

A final report on Vermont’s moose hunting season will be available in January when all of the 2017 data have been received and reviewed by Fish and Wildlife officials.

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