October 23, 2018

Vermont Yankee Ingenuity


(make do or do without – we have done that)

By Ginger Isham

Special to the Observer

August 29th, 2013

The devil came thru Vermont on that August Sunday to wipe away our dreams

But little did she know she’d met her match

Irene was her name

She took away our homes, our bridges and our roads

And sent a few to heaven

But she couldn’t take away what’s in our hearts or a neighbors helping hand

Our strength is greater than her winds and stronger than her rains

We’ll build again – you cannot keep Green Mountain folk apart

Or separate neighbor from neighbor joined heart to heart

We’ll find a ray of sunshine  in every new day

In your darkness you created “born again” human beings reaching out one by one

Bringing forth new birth

We may never be the same as days gone by but can endure what you have done

With our stamina and persistence – you haven’t won

You taught us the “lesson of appreciation” not gotten from a book

A clean shirt, a drink of water, a smile and a road to link us to each other

Living simply every day hand to hand

So thankful for those who came from near and far to restore our devastated land

Man’s gift to man

This is our home and the need may be great

But we’ll recover together in this great little state


(Written for victims of Irene 2011- remembering this week)

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