June 20, 2019

Tree-planters enhance Allen Brook, Muddy Brook

Volunteers marked Arbor Day on May 4 with a tree-planting outing along Allen Brook in Williston and Muddy Brook in South Burlington.

The Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District’s Rethink Runoff Stream Team organized the effort with a goal of enhancing vegetative buffers around the streams to help intercept sediment, nutrients and chemicals carried from land runoff. Vegetative buffers also stabilize stream banks, minimize erosion, re-establish connectivity between streams and floodplains and provide streambank wildlife habitat.

Allen Brook and Muddy Brook lack adequate streambank habitat and are choked by invasive species, according to the conservation district.

The project was also sponsored by the Lake Champlain Basin Program, the towns of Williston and Hinesburg, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, the Winooski Valley Parks District and the Intervale Conservation Nursery.

For more information, visit rethinkrunoff.org or winooskinrcd.org.

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