January 22, 2019

Travel poem

‘Somewhere I would like to travel’ by Olivia Beaudry, Grade 8

By Katrina Kajenski

Grade 8

I wake up

My eyes are gorgey

But then,

I remember why I’m up

It’s travel day

I can already feel the salty breeze against my face

At the airport the excitement takes me

Feeling the plane going faster and faster

The engine is rumbling

We lift up

I feel like a fledgling that finally gets to fly

Up in the air

Going into a cloud it’s like Vermont in a snowstorm

As we we pop out I see the buildings

Landing I feel a burst of excitement

Feeling the salty wind that I dreamed of

A smile comes up upon me


A ticket to China

By Carmella Martone

Grade 8

Near the beginning of this year I was informed that a study group would be going to China and they had asked if I wanted to go. At first I was reluctant because I had never even thought about going anywhere much less China. I was not sure I wanted to go to somewhere where there would be a language block and the fact that I knew close to nothing about China. But I took a chance and wrote the letter that would get me in. I slowly learned more and more about the trip. I realized that it was really my type of thing. There were 32 other people going, all ages, some I knew and some I had never heard of in my life. At the first meeting I went to, with my mom, she took one look around the room and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. I guess I took it as a challenge, it was either that or I had lost my mind. Everyone there had someone else they knew with them. But, you know what, at one point you just gotta ask yourself what do you have to lose. With that in mind I stood up in front of everyone and introduced myself. That is how I ended up with a plane ticket and an open mind on my way to China.

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