May 28, 2020

Town plans to reroute flooded Mud Pond trails

Aug. 26, 2010

Flooding from beaver activity has made some of the trails in the Mud Pond Conservation and Recreation Area impassable. The town is working on a plan to reroute the trail to the north of the flooding.

Beaver activity has flooded some trails in the Mud Pond Conservation and Recreational Area, but the town is working to plan a rerouted trail.

“We’re trying to find a way to divert that by making a trail that goes to the north of Mud Pond,” Town Planner Jessica Andreoletti said.

Currently, there is a path that leads in approximately half a mile to the pond from Mud Pond Road, off South Road. The trail connects with a loop in the adjacent Mud Pond Country Park, across South Road.

The Five Tree Hill Trail is on the other side of the flooding, and can currently only be accessed from Oak Hill Road.

Since the area is conserved, the beaver cannot be trapped or killed, Andreoletti said. Workers can remove dams less than two years old, but the beaver just keeps rebuilding them, she said.

The Conservation Commission has some funds for trail maintenance, which could cover the cost of structures that need to be built, but not workers. Andreoletti said the town will probably look for volunteers to help reroute the trail.

The trail will likely be rerouted sometime next year, Andreoletti said.

— Stephanie Choate, Observer staff