June 24, 2018

Town approves All Metals Recycling salvage yard

By Stephanie Choate

Observer staff

September 26th, 2013

All Metals Recycling has the town licensing to operate a salvage yard in Williston, after nearly two years of appeals from nearby residents and another salvage yard.

The Selectboard signed a written statement approving the location of the salvage yard during its Sept. 16 meeting, after deliberating in executive session.

All Metals needed a certificate of approved location before the state could license the salvage yard.

Lawyers nearly outnumbered Selectboard members during a Sept. 3 hearing.

All Metals Recycling applied for a certificate of approval to locate a salvage yard at 38-42 Dorset Lane, near the current public works buildings. The land is leased from ReSOURCE, which leases the land from lot owner Riggs Properties. The town also owns part of the location.

The board found that the location met the town’s requirements: right to use the property; feasible screening; no threat to public health, safety or environment or risk of being a “nuisance”; and distance from the road.

The Development Review Board granted a discretionary permit to All Metals Recycling in October 2011. A group of 13 residents, including Mark Burnett, co-owner of Burnett Scrap Metals Inc., appealed to the Vermont Superior Court. The court dismissed most of the complaints, except for one. The court identified one question that could go to trial: “Should Applicants have been denied a discretionary permit where Applicants failed to demonstrate adequate provision for off-street parking and loading as required by Chapter 14 of the Bylaw?”

A trial was held in July, and a decision has yet to be issued.

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