July 21, 2019

The best thing my school offers me

What is the best thing your school has to offer you? Why? In what ways do you see your school as a special place?


Danielle Scribner

Grade 8

The best thing my school has to offer is the Mentoring Program. These are a few reasons why. Nancy Carlson, the coordinator of the mentoring program at Williston Central School, is so nice and caring. She helps match the mentoring pairs, and she always has a smile on her face. Another reason why is because I get to take an hour of my week to meet with an awesome and caring adult. We have fun when we play board games, cooking, baking and basketball. This is why mentoring is the best my school has to offer.


Blane Wigmore

Grade 8

The best thing this school offers I think would be there athletic program. For example the athletic program isn’t just fun but it makes you want to stay academically correct so you can participate in whatever sport you do or compete in.


Casey Ammon

Grade 8

I believe that the best thing my school has to offer me is the option to learn a different language. World language classes give students the chance to learn about cultures around the world. World language classes explore different countries’ holidays, foods, sports, beliefs and much more. Being bilingual is a great skill to have and I’m very grateful that my school gives me a chance to speak two languages. In conclusion, I think the best thing my school has to offer me is the option to learn a new language.


Ben Klein

Grade 7

The best thing our school has to offer is the sports program. Some kids don’t have the opportunity to play sports outside of school and this is a great way to get kids active and teach them the importance of teamwork. I think that it is important for kids to be active and stay in shape. I have been playing on the school soccer team for two years and I think that kids in my school work very well together while playing sports. This is why the best thing our school has to offer is the sports program.


Connor Abrahams

Grade 8

Our school has so many great things. At Williston Central School some of the great things are all the after school programs. My favorite after school activity is the sports they offer. They offer soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, track, cross-country. The sport I play is soccer. I feel that our school is a special place because the teachers are so nice and there are so many options at our school. That is what makes Williston Central School different from other middle schools.


Madison Trutor

Grade 7

The best thing my school has to offer me is a great education. It’s the best thing they have to offer me because it leads us to successes. And it helps me learn. I see my school as a special place because I can have a lot of opportunities to try extracurricular activities.




Nico Pino

Grade 8

I think the best thing our school has to offer are the sports. I think that because without sports, a lot more people would become obese. It is also good to learn sports as a kid. If you learn a lot of sports, you could become famous at one of those sports and play it for money. That’s why I think the best thing the school has to offer is sports.


Noah Lemieux

Grade 7

I think that the best thing the school has to offer is letting students have a little break to get some fresh air and exercise (recess). The reason I think this is because it is healthy for one to get exercise and it also feels good to get fresh air. Secondly, it is fun to hang with friends at recess.



My School

By Prince Yodishembo

Grade 7
I believe my school is a special place because it has many opportunities and fun activities to do. For example, at our school we have a sking/snowboarding program in the winter and recreational games throughout the year. Our school also has a very nice cafeteria because most of our cafeteria food comes from our school garden. Our school is very eco-friendly too! We have a composter in the lunch room to use when we’re done eating and recycling bins all over the school to recycle. We have water fountains that count how many plastic water bottles we’ve saved from landfills by using those water fountains (they have cold water too). The amazing thing about my school though is the great teachers that we have that support us so much. Whether you’re in math or music or social studies the teachers are always there to support you and help you in everything. But what I believe really makes my school special is the bonds between students and how my school is so diverse in nearly everything we learn and do and I love it!


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