April 25, 2017

Tennis teams to take on St. Johnsbury

Redhawk Joey O’Brien serves the ball to South Burlington High’s Cody Yu on May 6. (Observer photo by Jayson Argento)

Redhawk Joey O’Brien serves the ball to South Burlington High’s Cody Yu on May 6. (Observer photo by Jayson Argento)

Champlain Valley Union High School tennis teams are set to compete against St. Johnsbury High School on Saturday, the girls at their home court at Shelburne and the boys on the road.

On May 6, the 4-4 boys lost to strong South Burlington High School, which also defeated the Redhawks in late April.

On Tuesday, the boys played a long-overdue makeup game against Essex High, which was rained out on April 12. Essex tipped CVU 6-1.

The girls tennis team will head into Saturday’s match undefeated, with a 9-0 record. It will be the first time they face St. Johnsbury.

“They are undefeated as well and we anticipate they will be especially strong at the top of their singles ladder,” Coach Amy deGroot wrote in an email to the Observer.

On Monday, the Redhawks beat South Burlington High 5-2 for the second time this season, though deGroot said it was a closer match than the score indicates. On Friday, the beat Stowe High 6-1 and May 1 toppled Rice 7-0.

—Stephanie Choate, Observer staff



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