April 26, 2017

Supervisory union unveils new Web site3/19/09

District schools also planning new designs

March 19, 2009

By Tim Simard

Observer staff

Quietly and without fanfare, the Chittenden South Supervisory Union unveiled its new Web site design earlier this month. The changes will make the site more accessible for the communities served by the supervisory union, said Mike Kanfer, CSSU’s director of network services.


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Chittenden South Supervisory Union recently launched a new Web site design, that is expected to serve as a model for schools in CSSU. The CSSU Web site is located at www.cssu.org.

Most notable are the changes to the site’s homepage, www.cssu.org. A large picture of a Champlain Valley Union High School play is on display, along with the high school’s basketball jersey and a pastoral picture of Camel’s Hump.

Every part of the site has been redesigned, including its “Operations,” “Superintendent” and “Contact Us” pages. Using drop-down menus on the homepage allows access to all of these pages. There are also links to all schools in CSSU, as well as links to supervisory union programs such as Connecting Youth.

Kanfer said his staff has been working on creating and developing a design for more than a year. He had help from technology directors in all the school systems, he said.

The Web site officially launched on March 1, Kanfer said. Since then, he’s fielded mostly positive comments from visitors.

“We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from the school communities,” Kanfer said, though he hasn’t received many public comments since the Web site redesign was never formally announced.

The new CSSU Web site design will be the first in a series of design overhauls, Kanfer said. All school systems in CSSU — Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne and Williston schools as well as CVU — will see big changes in Web designs sometime this summer. Kanfer said all school sites will resemble CSSU’s in an effort to keep everything uniform.

Each school’s Web needs are different, however, with each site designed accordingly. For instance, Williston School District’s house system will require a different Web design than Charlotte Central School’s.

Despite any differences, “there will be a resemblance to CSSU’s homepage in all the pages,” Kanfer said.



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    I am writing in response to Mr. Hoxworth’s article on transportation costs for the poor in Vermont. I would like to suggest further research on this topic before we simply just give another handout or tax credit. The poor, may, have a higher disproportionate burden on their transportation costs than the wealthier residents of Vermont; however, they also have a lower disproportionate burden on taxes and housing. Pick your evil.
    We can simply just give every poor Vermonter an energy efficient car, gas card, free tuition, renter’s rebate, etc.…but the only way out of poverty is through the combination of education, hard work, and discipline. Education and degrees are not handed out or purchased; a person has to EARN them. This seems to be the only way out of poverty—sorry, there are no shortcuts.
    If we continue this trend of enabling, our entire state will be a welfare state.

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