May 24, 2018

Sugaring equipment stolen

Police are investigating the theft of more than $7,000 worth of sugaring equipment from a South Road sugarhouse.

Stolen equipment includes: a blue, three-horsepower Tithill vacuum pump worth $4,100; a $2,600 Westfab seven-inch filter press; a syrup refractometer and hand tools.

The items were likely stolen sometime between Nov. 3 and Dec. 18.

“Either somebody is trying to set up their own operation somewhere or they’re trying to sell (the items) for money, said Officer Travis Trybulski, who is investigating the case. He said it is unlikely that the items were stolen for scrap metal.

Trybulski recommended that sugarhouse operators lock their sugarhouses, keep equipment secured and make a note of suspicious people or vehicles.

Owner Denny Lewis could not be reached for comment before press deadline, but his sugarhouse, nestled against the woods at the edge of a field, is securely padlocked.

A $500 reward is being offered for information leading to the recovery of the items. Anyone with information should contact the Williston Police Department at 878-6611.

—Stephanie Choate, Observer staff


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