July 24, 2019

Solar company receives national recognition

Observer contributed photo

Observer contributed photo

Aegis Renewable Energy of Waitsfield, installer of the 500 kilowatt solar array at the Fontaine sand pit in Williston, has been named one of the country’s top solar contractors by Solar Power World magazine. Peck Solar of South Burlington is the other Vermont company recognized by the publication.

The top solar contractors list is produced annually to recognize solar developers, subcontractors and installers. Aegis Renewable Energy employs 10 people and installed 7.3 MW of solar power in 2016. It completed the Fontaine array earlier this year.

The 500 kilowatt solar array at Fontaine Sand Pit in Williston was built by Aegis Renewable energy earlier this year.

The company was recently named one of the top solar contractors by Solar World Magazine.

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