March 20, 2019

So, what’s your major?

Recent high school graduates are asked many times what they intend to major in. Here’s advice to help navigate this question.

Don’t declare too early

It’s OK not to know for a while. Spend your first semester taking a mixture of general education credits and electives. You never know what will lead you in a direction you never imagined. And, odds are that these classes will fill a humanities or social science requirement for graduation.

it’s ok to change

Approximately 80 percent of college students in the United States change their major at least once, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. On average, college students change their major three times.

Don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time. Every class you take adds value to your education and contributes to your well-roundedness. Who knows what might end up being useful in the future?

Pay attention in class

Remember that you are paying to be in each classroom. Make sure you get a return on your investment. If you aren’t learning something or getting any pleasure from it, you need to be taking another class.

Don’t take the “easy A” class that fills a requirement just because it’s easy, and don’t shy away from a seemingly complex class just because it seems too difficult. Challenge yourself. You can handle it.

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