February 20, 2019

Sewage spill affects Allen Brook

A contractor hired to clean a wastewater pump station on Old Stage Road lost control of an estimated 1,500 gallons of untreated sewage Friday.

Williston Public Works Director Bruce Hoar said a majority of the sewage was contained on the road, but some likely spilled down an embankment into an unnamed Allen Brook tributary.

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation was on scene Friday to investigate.

“We think some did (get into Allen Brook),” DEC Wastewater Program Manager Jessica Bulova said.

Signs were posted at downstream Allen Brook access points for 48 hours after the spill advising people to avoid recreating in the water.

The contractor, Hartigan Wasetwater Services of Middlesex, was conducting a routine cleanout of the pump station when a hydraulic door on its truck malfunctioned, spilling the sewage, Bulova said.

The town reported the spill to the DEC, which posted a report online. According to the report, some of the sewage also entered a nearby stormwater drain.

The town’s wastewater pump stations are cleaned out about every three months, Hoar said.

The spill happened about 9 a.m. Friday. Hartigan and DEC employees remained on scene to remove sewage from the road.

“I’ve never seen it happen before,” Hoar said.

                           — Jason Starr

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