August 24, 2019

Scout project improves trail access at Mud Pond

Observer courtesy photo
Williston Boy Scout Parker Soares works with volunteers to construct and install a walkway at Mud Pond Conservation Area.

Parker Soares, a member of Williston’s Boy Scout Troop 692, recently completed construction and installation of a 30-foot walkway and a 12-by-12 platform to improve trail access at the Mud Pond Conservation Area as part of his Eagle Scout project.

Soares said he was searching for a project that would demonstrate leadership, responsibility, planning and communication skills when he approached staff at the Town of Williston.

“Early in the process of deciding what to do for my community, I was struggling to find projects or activities I felt encompassed the values of scouting, and fit my interests,” Soares wrote in an email to the Observer. “Eventually, after some consult with my scoutmaster and my troop’s committee, we decided upon reaching out to the town for ideas. The town graciously offered me a project in the Mud Pond Conservation Area.”

The walkway and platform will maintain trail access during mud season in the spring and following rainfall.

Soares and a group of volunteers logged about 80 hours of work on the project.

“I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work on this project with the rest of my troop, and volunteers from my school and community,” he said. “This was a complex process, and I can say that this was a major learning experience for me, and a huge help to the town.”

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