January 22, 2019

School needs better Wifi

By Jackson Ruwet

Grade 8

I think that the school should greatly improve the wifi. The school has recently spent millions of dollars on renovations. These renovations have changed the look of the building, but it doesn’t make learning any easier. The wifi is terrible, and at many times, doesn’t even work. Why is it that the school should spend millions of dollars on making the building nicer, but not improve the internet. It sometimes takes up to 5 minutes just for a page to load. This makes learning very difficult, and so I think the school should put more of its budget into improving wifi, not just getting new lights, carpet, and windows. Since internet access is such an important part of our education, it needs to be one of the top priorities. I think I speak for all the students at this school when I say we need to upgrade the wifi.

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