January 22, 2019

Remembering the importance of LOVE

Rachel Kelley

Grade 8

Love. Love is a four letter word L O V E. What I think love means is, “Live Openly Value Everything”

I have always thought highly of the word love. Love is so important because it’s been the word that everyone says to you: “I love you, kiddo,” “I love you, bud,” “Love you, Mom,” or “Love you, Dad.” You always say love. Most songs nowadays are about loving someone or losing the love of your life. I’m not much for writing, but when It comes to love you don’t even want to get started with me.

It’s one of the very first things you can hear as a baby, and one of the last things you say when you die. You can never use the word love too much. It’s one of those words that never gets old. You always say love you to someone as they walk out the door for the day. You get this feeling that, that might be the last time you say it to them.

When I say it in the morning to my mom I sometimes say, “Be safe.” I never want it to be the last time because I’m so young and I wouldn’t know what to do without her.

Love is like a flowing river; it’s always changing. You could throw a rock into the river and go get it, but it won’t be where you saw it fall.

Love also makes you cry. I know some people that cry because the last thing they heard was “I love you” before their wife, brother, sister, mother, or father went off to fight in a war. Luckily that didn’t happen for my family; my dad came home. I can’t take that for granted because some of his friends didn’t make it.

My parents said they would love me no matter who or what I desire to become.

It’s the last thing you’re told as you are getting dropped of at school in the morning.

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