July 21, 2019

Recording audio and digital storytelling workshop

The Vermont Folklife Center will offer a workshop entitled, “Recording Audio for Ethnography, Oral History, and Digital Storytelling” on Sept. 22 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Audio is a powerful medium for capturing human experience and human expression.

In the context of cultural sustainability efforts, audio is an extremely useful tool for documenting local knowledge, exploring values and perceptions, and building resources for understanding and supporting cultural practices.

Intended for students, community members, staff members of non-profit cultural, community and social-service agencies, as well as professional researchers interested in learning more about audio recording options, the workshop will provide a basic introduction to the use of contemporary digital audio recording equipment in the context of ethnographic and oral history interviews.

Attendees will receive a thorough introduction to the fundamentals of digital audio, types of common field-recording microphones and the use of digital audio recorders with the guidance of instructor Andy Kolovos, VFC Director of Archives and Research.

The workshop includes handson exercises with equipment in an actual interview setting. The workshop will use the TASCAM DR-40 and mobile devices for these exercises, but the fundamental skills demonstrated will be applicable to most currently available digital audio recorders.

In addition to the use of this equipment, it will also cover the selection and purchase of audio recording equipment and Android and iOS recording apps. “Recording Audio for Ethnography, Oral History, and Digital Storytelling” is a part of the Vermont Folklife Center’s Cultural Sustainability Institute workshop series (vermontfolklifecenter.org/ education/cultural-sustainability/). Cultural Sustainability provides a framework for examining human experience in the present with an awareness of the past and a view toward the future.

Attendance is limited to 14 participants and the registration deadline is Wednesday Sept. 20. For tuition information and to register, call 388-4964, or visit vermontfolklifecenter.org. This workshop will be held at the Vermont Folklife Center’s ADA accessible headquarters at 88 Main Street in downtown Middlebury.

The Vermont Folklife Center’s mission is to broaden, strengthen and deepen our understanding of Vermont and the surrounding region; to assure a repository for our collective cultural memory; and to strengthen communities by building connections among the diverse peoples of Vermont.

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