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Ready for Hollywood

City View to screen film at WCS

June 9, 2011

By Greg Duggan
Observer correspondent

Father and son co-writers Joel and Josh Klein on the set of ‘One Voice.’ A screening at Williston Central School takes place on Monday, June 13. (Observer photo by Greg Duggan)

Roll out the red carpet.

A local film production company is screening its first film in Williston next week.

Formed by Williston residents Debbie Ingram and Joel Klein, City View Productions ultimately wants to create feature-length movies in Vermont. The company’s first movie, “One Voice,” is a 15-minute film that will serve, in Klein’s words, “as a calling card movie in a sense that people will see what we can do.”

The official poster for ‘One Voice,’ a 15-minute film from City View Productions on teen bullying and gay suicide.

The screening takes place at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 13 at Williston Central School.
Filmed in Williston, Champlain Valley Union High School and the University of Vermont, “One Voice” addresses teen bullying and gay suicide. The movie tells the story of a bully visited by three ghosts of teens that committed suicide after being bullied.

In addition to a professional project for City View, “One Voice” also serves as an eighth grade project for Klein’s son, Josh, who wrote the film with his father and plays one of the ghosts.

“I really think ‘One Voice’ … shows what could happen, the consequences of bullying,” said Josh Klein, a student at Williston Central School.

City View shot “One Voice” over three days in April, and finished the post-production work last week. All told, approximately 40 people took part in the production. Costs came in at just under the company’s $12,000 budget.

“It looks great. It sounds great. I think it’s pretty powerful, it does what it’s supposed to do, so I’m pretty happy with it,” Joel Klein said.

The screening does not count as the movie’s premiere, which will occur in Los Angeles on Aug. 8. Joel Klein explained that the film needs to be premiered in a certain way to become eligible for film festivals. City View plans to submit “One Voice” to 30 or so festivals this summer.

“We’ll keep our fingers crossed. Juries select which films to show at the festivals,” Ingram said.

While Klein acknowledged that the movie could undergo a slight change or two, he called the version to be shown Monday a “finished product.”

“This is a research type of thing for us,” Joel Klein said of the Williston screening. “We’re seeing if tweaks still need to be done.”

With “One Voice” ready to go public, Klein and Ingram plan to use the film to attract investors for feature-length movies. Klein has already written two screenplays. City View has also started to research if “One Voice” could serve as an educational film in schools.
“Making high quality films is not a problem here (in Vermont),” Joel Klein said. “Plenty of talented people are here to do it.”

The screening of “One Voice” will take place at 7 p.m. on June 13 at Williston Central School. Admission is free and open to the public.

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