July 23, 2019

Portrait of the Vermont artist as a young man

Gregory Douglass

Gregory Douglass

Artist Gregory Douglass set for homecoming show at Higher Ground

By Kevin O’Connor

For Vermont Digger

Gregory Douglass has sung with fellow Vermont musician Grace Potter, sold 100,000 digital tunes and scored a million YouTube views. So why does National Public Radio call him “one of New England’s well-kept secrets” — and not because he’s now living and working in Los Angeles?

Born in Morristown and raised in Hyde Park, the 35-year-old taught himself to play piano and guitar well enough that his high school headmaster agreed he should put off college to pursue a music career. Founding his own Burlington-based record company in 2001, Douglass produced eight albums over the next decade, all while sharing stages with such artists as Shawn Colvin and Jason Mraz.

Then around the time he turned 30, Douglass was driving to Cleveland — the first stop of a Midwest tour — when it began to snow. Plows couldn’t keep up with the whiteout or black ice. But knowing the opening show would pay for the rest of his swing, he pushed on.

“It was a non-negotiable thing,” he recalls, “even though it was one car after another off the road.”

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