March 23, 2019

Police seek Neighborhood Watch leaders

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The Williston Police Department recently placed a new Neighborhood Watch sign at Morgan Parkway. The department is seeking residents interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch in their neighborhoods.

The Williston Police Department is rekindling its effort to launch a Neighborhood Watch program.

All that remains from past efforts is a dated sign at end of Morgan Parkway that listed Vermont State Police as the contact for reports of suspicious activity and emergencies. That sign has been replaced by one of the first batch of new signs the department recently ordered listing the Williston Police Department’s contact information.

The department has six of the new “Williston Neighborhood Watch” signs and is looking to homeowners associations and other neighborhood leaders for interest in placing the signs and helping to launch the program.

Neighborhood Watch is a program of the National Sheriff’s Association that began in the early 1970s designed to unite neighbors and prevent crime.

The Williston Police Department is working from its list of 40 named neighborhoods in town. Officer Travis Trybulski said an active Neighborhood Watch program would help the department identify and respond to suspicious activity.

“It is a force multiplier,” said Trybulski. “We can’t be in all the neighborhoods at once … If there are people watching, that helps us.”

The signs also act as a deterrent to crime.

“We immediately report all suspicious persons and activities to the Williston Police Department,” the signs read.

Residents interested in starting a program in their neighborhoods can contact officer Logan Young at

The police department plans to schedule an initial meeting if there are enough interested residents.

— Jason Starr

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