September 2, 2014

Police Notes (3/26/09)


March 26, 2009

Purse thefts and protection tips

Police have investigated several thefts of purses during the past two weeks. On March 19, police arrested Tamara Rickert, 44, of Hinesburg and charged her with three counts of “larceny from the person,” according to police reports.

In light of the thefts, Williston Police offered several suggestions for protecting valuables while shopping or working out:

• Do not leave your purse or wallet unattended while shopping;

• Do not leave your purse open or unzipped while shopping;

• Be wary of strangers who bump into you or your cart;

• Be wary if someone strikes up a conversation with you — hold onto your purse or wallet during the encounter;

• Do not leave your valuables visible in your vehicle — lock them in your trunk;

• When at a gym, put valuables — including car keys — in lockers. Check to see if the facility offers a safe place by the front desk. Thieves have cut locks off lockers and taken keys, then located the vehicles in the parking lot and stolen valuables out of the vehicles.

If your purse or wallet is lost or stolen, call the police and notify your bank and credit card companies immediately. The first hour or two is critical. Police said the thief or thieves will attempt to use your credit card quickly before you can report the theft.

Workplace assault

Gregory Jones, 50, of Richmond was cited on a charge of simple assault at SafeLite Auto Glass on Miller Lane on Feb. 25, according to police reports. According to a police affidavit, Jones and a supervisor got into a heated discussion that ended in the supervisor firing Jones, who then slapped the supervisor in the ear.

In the affidavit, Jones claims the supervisor “threw a windshield at me and another co-worker awhile ago just for laughing at him.” Jones was cited to appear in court.

Mushroom charge

Jeremy Hammond, 24, of Burlington was cited on a charge of possession of hallucinogens on March 10, according to police reports. Following a motor vehicle stop on Oct. 9, 2008, a search of Hammond’s vehicle “yielded 1.63 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms,” according to the report. Hammond was cited to appear in court on April 6.


On March 18, a burglary was attempted at Vermont Sandwich Company on Williston Road, according to police reports. A rear window was “smashed,” but nothing was taken, the report notes. The investigation is ongoing.


On March 18, David Sherman, 51, of Rochester was given a no trespass citation for Vermont Health Access on Hurricane Lane after allegedly making “threats of bodily harm,” according to police reports.

Wanted person

• Following a motor vehicle stop on March 18, Miranda Avallone-Brown, 31, of Wilmington was arrested on an outstanding warrant for violation of parole, according to police reports. She was taken to Chittenden County Correctional Center, the report notes. No other information was released.

• Craig Harrington, 46, of Williston was arrested on two outstanding warrants on March 18, according to police reports. He was taken to Chittenden County Correctional Center, the report notes. No other information was released.

Cat bite

On March 20, a woman was bitten by a “stray cat at the emergency vet clinic,” according to police reports. The woman was treated and animal control was contacted, the report notes.

Driving under the influence

Donna Morgan, 49, of Williston was cited on a charge of driving under the influence on March 17, according to police reports. Her blood alcohol test was .170, the report notes. The legal limit for driving in Vermont is .08. Morgan was cited to appear in court.

Driving with license suspended

• Following a motor vehicle stop, Charles E. Wein, 34, of Essex Junction was cited with a charge of “criminal” driving with license suspended on March 5, according to police reports. He was cited to appear in court on May 4. No other information was released.



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    I take frequent walks in my neighborhood and surrounding sidewalks/roads on Industrial Avenue and Rt 2-A and occasionally see what appears to be a dog-poop bag, nicely tied, but simply left there in the road or on the sidewalk. I would like to remind dog-walkers that this is not appropriate. Please carry it off.

    Thank you for meeting your legal responsibilities.

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