February 14, 2016

Police Notes

New sex offender registry and website available

The Vermont Department of Public Safety announced that the Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC) has implemented a new sex offender registration database and website.

“The department is confident that the new OffenderWatch system will help the Vermont Sex Offender Registry improve the quality and accuracy of the information maintained by the database,” said Commissioner of Public Safety Keith Flynn, “while providing a higher level of service and protection to the public and law enforcement.”

The new registry database, developed with Watch Systems LLC, provides VCIC with a more robust and versatile tool for the management of sex offender registrants, according to a press release. Statewide mapping capabilities are built into the software. Where possible, the software minimizes manual entry to reduce the possibility of typographical errors. The system utilizes several electronic interfaces to other systems, such as the National Crime Information Center and the Vermont Criminal History database, to help ensure that information is accurately and consistently passed between the systems.

Among the new features of the software, the system can send electronic and telephonic notifications to sex offenders requesting address verifications as well as providing the ability to electronically update their address and living status, ensuring the most current addresses and information for offenders is on file in a timely manner.

The Vermont Sex Offender Registry website contains information on sexual offenders in Vermont who are required to register and whose information it is legislatively allowed to post to the Internet. The new website functions in real time, so that when a change is made in the Vermont Sex Offender Registry database, it is automatically updated on the website and is accessible to the public almost immediately. The National Sex Offender Registry website is updated in a similar fashion. The new public website is located at www.communitynotification.com/vermont/.

Those using the enhanced registry website will now be able to receive email alerts when a new Internet-posted sex offender moves into their city or town. For more information about the Vermont Sex Offender Registry, visit vcic.vermont.gov/sex_offender or call VCIC at 802-244-8727


A North Brownell Road business owner reported to police on Jan. 22 that one of his work trailers “had been broken into,” according to police reports. The case is under investigation.


  • A Williston resident reported to police on Jan. 22 that her debit card was used to obtain $62.50 “fraudulently” via accessing an ATM machine at Shaw’s, according to police reports. No other information was released.
  • Police are investigating the use of a fake $500 traveler’s check at Toys R Us on Jan. 22, according to police reports.
  • Matthew Provost, 28, of Colchester was cited for false pretenses on Sept. 25, 2012 after allegedly using a stolen credit card, according to police reports. He was cited to appear in court.

Driving under the influence

  • Alicia Fairbank, 32, of Beverly, Mass. was cited on a charge of driving under the influence on Jan. 26, according to police reports. Her blood alcohol concentration was .248, the report notes. The legal limit for driving in Vermont is .08. She was cited to appear in court.
  • Benjamin Hayes, 39, of St. George was cited on a charge of driving under the influence on Feb. 2 after he was pulled over by police for having an expired temporary registration plate affixed to his car, according to police reports. His blood alcohol concentration was greater than .08, the report notes. He was cited to appear in court on Feb. 21.

Police notes are written based on information provided by the Williston Police Department and the Vermont State Police. Please note that all parties are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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