April 19, 2018

PHOTOS: Compost Fest!

Observer photos by Marianne Apfelbaum


Workshops, face painting, climbing on sand piles and big trucks, seed-starting – Green Mountain Compost’s CompostFest had a lot to offer kids small and tall, including the famous Compost Sundae, complete with Oreo cookie ‘compost’ and gummy worms.


New and experienced gardeners attended 11 workshops on tree planting, garden pests, how to build a raised bed, how to design an edible landscape, using compost to build a strong, lush lawn and more. The main goals of the event were to help people understand the many ways compost can be used to benefit their gardens and lawns, to show them how food scraps from the community are processed into compost – and then back out into the community it goes to grow more food. Festival goers also took advantage of the inexpensive ‘bag-your-own’ bunker to load up on Green Mountain Compost raised bed mix and compost.














  1. DiannV says:

    In reading this recipe, I noticed that one ingredient is missing from the list of ingredients but is noted in the directions. The missing item is oat bran–how much should be included?? Or is this the same as “oat flour”?

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