February 20, 2019

Overnight crash damages outdoor seating area

Observer courtesy photo
An apparent one-car accident in the overnight hours Monday left a damaged sidewalk and seating area at the corner of Old Stage and Mountain View roads.

Hit-and-run affects popular spot

Owners of Adams Farm Market discovered an apparent hit-and-run car crash Tuesday morning that took out an Old Stage Road sign and damaged a landscaped seating area at the corner of Old Stage and Mountain View roads.

Williston Police classified the event as “leaving the scene of an accident,” and had no suspects by Tuesday afternoon.

The damaged seating area is owned by the Town of Williston and maintained by Adams Farm Market, according to market owner Kim Antonioli.

“The bench took a direct hit,” she said.

The bench was bolted to the brick sidewalk, and when it was hit, several of the bricks were yanked loose, she said. Several flower pots were also destroyed. The crash left skid marks and small car parts on the road and around the seating area.

“It’s a bummer because it’s such a great corner that everyone enjoys. It’s a popular spot,” Antonioli said.

By Tuesday afternoon, public works crews had replaced the Old Stage Road sign and placed traffic cones around the damaged sidewalk to alert pedestrians to avoid the area.

                                       —  Jason Starr

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