July 27, 2017


If Vermont were to be under consideration for hosting the summer Olympics in 2016, explain the advantages of this opportunity and write an overview of how Vermont would go about preparing for this.


Evan Turner

Grade 7

If Vermont was hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics some advantages would be the weather. Here in Vermont it is not too hot or too cold, so it has perfect weather. Another advantage is the attention. If Vermont was to host the Summer Olympics, the media would be crazy here in this small state. To prepare for this event Vermont would have to raise enough money to find a spot and build the stadium.


Jacob Allaire

Grade 6

If Vermont hosted the 2016 summer Olympics that would be amazing. It would be an amazing opportunity being able to host the 2016 summer Olympics. Everyone in Vermont would prepare for the competitors’ arrival. I bet it would be a lot of work setting up everything. People from all around the world would come to Vermont for the Olympics. It would be a great experience having the 2016 summer Olympics right in Vermont!


Brianna Bachinski

Grade 6

If Vermont was being under consideration for having the summer Olympics, there would be advantages and some disadvantages. One advantage is there’s a HUGE lake, so there could be a lot of sports held there. Another advantage is that it doesn’t get extremely hot here so people wouldn’t get really hot. But, there are some disadvantages; Vermont is pretty small compared to some other states so it would get REALLY crowded. Those are some advantages and disadvantages of having the 2016 Summer Olympics in Vermont.


Morgan Blaine

Grade 7
What if Vermont was hosting the 2016 Summer Olympics? I think that would be awesome! There would be tons of advantages to this! Going to see the events would be very easy for all Vermonters. Instead of traveling ½ way across the world on a plane, you could just get in the car and go! Hosting the games would also help out the Vermont economy by making money off of all the tourists that come and visit. Unfortunately Vermont is a very small state but it would still be really fun to host the 2016 Summer Olympics.




Summarize the importance of the 2014 winter Olympics.  Describe one moment during the competition that you will remember.


Ryan Wetmore

Grade 5

I will remember when U.S got 4th place in the medal count in the 2014 Winter Olympics. I thought the U.S might have gotten on the podium for the medals. I’m surprised that we got the most bronze medals in the whole Olympics this year. If the U.S makes it in the top ten that is still good to me and to the other people. The Olympics were fun to watch.


Jessica Gagne

Grade 7

I think that the Olympics are important because they bring many countries together to watch and participate in lots of sports and competitions. Many people from all over the world like to watch the Olympics, and I like to watch mine with my family. One part of the Olympics that I will never forget is the skating. Every time our American skaters were on the ice they took my breath away. I love watching the skating, because all of the skaters are so graceful, and the emotions they have are fun to watch. I love watching the Olympics!


Jimmy Jiang

Grade 7
The Winter Olympics is an important event held every four years similar to the Summer Olympics. This year the Winter Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia and held brand new events such as the slopestyle snowboarding event. The importance of the Olympics is major because it shows all the countries getting together and competing with their athletes and winning for their country. It is also a chance for the athletes to demonstrate their skill to the world and to represent their individual countries. One moment I will always remember in this Olympics is when Alex Deibold won bronze in the snowboard cross event and I’m especially going to remember this because Alex Deibold is from Vermont and he is an inspiration for us to keep going and achieve our dreams.


Kieran Tharpe

Grade 6

I think the importance of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics is for countries to showcase their talent with the best athletes while competing with other countries’ best athletes. One thing I will remember was watching Hannah Teter. She was in the Women’s Half-pipe. I was impressed because in the last Winter Olympics in Vancouver she was in 1st place for boardercross and then tried to show off at the end, fell, and ended up coming in last. But she put the past behind her and ended up doing VERY well in the Women’s Half-pipe event.


Jacob Allaire

Grade 6

The 2014 Winter Olympics are super important. One reason they are important is because people from all over the world come to compete in the Olympics. Also it judges which country is better at a sport. It is really entertaining to watch them compete. There are many different sports in the 2014 Winter Olympics.   These are some reasons the 2014 Winter Olympics are really important.


Kayleigh Bushweller

Grade 6

The Moment

They skate down,

Their faces sweat,

They are so tired they could fall down

but they keep going,

They know they have to.

The Russians are slowing down

This is our chance!

What team?


What team?


What team?


Get your head in the game!

We skate,

We go,


The next goal wins…

Overtime done,

Shoot out!



Still tied,

If he scores, we win…


the crowd goes wild!


Kathleen Richburg

Grade 6

I will never forget

A moment I will never forget in the Olympics was when the U.S.A had a shootout against Russia and T.J Oshie scored and won the game for the U.S. It was really cool. I remember watching it on Saturday morning and it was tied 2-2. They had to go into a shootout. The U.S goalie didn’t let in even one goal.  When T.J Oshie made that goal, everyone went crazy! That is a moment that I won’t forget. Another moment I won’t forget is when Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper all one Gold, Silver and Bronze for the U.S. I remember watching them ski. I want to be a slopestyle skier one day.


Monica Heath-Digby

Grade 5


The Importance of the 2014 Olympics is that if you have family member you would probably be really excited that someone you know that is in the Olympics. It also is important because it is an event  we do every four years and it’s a special thing for the world.. The thing I will never forget about the 2014 Olympics is that Mrs.R’s, a teacher in our school, niece was in the 2014 Olympics! I remember watching her and cheer her on. Mrs. R’s niece’s named is Susan and she is 28 years old. She did the Biathlon and she came in 3rd place when we were watching her round. It was amazing.


Kaydn Thibault

Grade 5

Olympics are cool because they can do lot of stuff. There are lots of state flags. My favorite thing is watching the bobsleds because they go so fast. I think the more people there are the faster the sled goes.


Alicia Veronneau

Grade 5

The importance in the Winter Olympics is to gather and compete in races.  It is also important because it is just a lot of fun for everyone to watch on their TV.  I think that it is really fun to watch people get the medals and win.  It is really fun to watch hockey.  I like to watch it because it is really fun to watch because it is really fast and exciting.  One moment that I think is really going to stick in my mind was watching Susan Dunklee.  I think that because she is one of my teachers neices.  She is from Barton Vermont.  She is a really good skier at the mointain and in the olimpics.  I really think that she will stick in my mind because she is one of my teachers neices as I said before.  that is what I think of the winter olimpics and why they are so importent , and what I think I will remember from watching them.


Andrew Stevens

Grade 5

I think that the importance of the 2014 Winter Olympics is that people from all around the world could watch it. We could see the athletes do a lot of sports. For example: Biathlon, Skeleton, Speed Skating, Bob-Sledding, and lots of other things in the Olympics. The athletes would also get bronze, silver, and gold medals in it. There are 294 podiem medals to give out to the athlete. There is also the joy of getting the gold medal in the sports that they play. In the biathlon, an athlete named susan dunkley has not won a medal yet but has gotten in the top ten before. And some of the athletes have complained about the suits that they wear. They are saying that they could not go as fast as they can go when they are competing in thee sports that they play.


Morgan Reed

Grade 5

The importance is the same importance as the summer Olympics.  It’s to show how hard people work to get good and to make them feel important.  One moment that I will remember is seeing Susan Dunklee. That is important because she is the niece of is one of the teachers in Sterling,  Ms.R.  Susan is such a good skier.  I also liked watching Ted Liggidy because he is so good at racing.  The Olympics are fun to watch because I think of how I could someday compete!  It’s inspiring to watch the Olympics. I think they are inspiring because those people are so strong and they don’t give up. I love the winter Olympics.



Maddie Reagan

Grade 5

My favorite part of the Olympics this year was the Biathlon. I liked it because there is a teacher in this school named Ms.R and her niece was in the biathlon! Her name is Susan Dunklee. I know, right? Pretty cool! It made the Olympics even more fun to watch because I actually knew someone who was competing. She actually came in 4th place in the Biathlon relay but her team came in 9th. She is amazing. All of the Williston Central School is very proud of her for doing her best and I am happy to know someone who was in the Olympics.


Kylie Pierce

The 2014 Winter Olympics are important. It is a time for countries to compete and show off their skills. Many people enjoy winter related sports and it is part of their lives. They practice hard and try to do their best. The 2014 Winter Olympics give people a chance to compete with people all across the world for a metal. A competition I will remember is the women’s single luge. This is because a woman for the first time from the U.S.A got a metal (bronze). She made history and that is why I will remember that competition.


Kyle McClure

The Sochi Winter Olympics are important because many athletes are representing their country and many athletes are trying to make history by winning a medal in their sport. One event I will remember is Shawn White getting 4th place after falling on the half-pipe. I will remember this because he pulled out of the slope-style competition to focus on the half-pipe and he skipped the European X-Games to train for the half-pipe.  After all that he didn’t get a medal. Shawn White was also going for his 3rd gold medal in a row. That’s one event I will remember.





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    almost 3 decades ago when williston started it’s development review process the public works section was pushing for a wider roadway typical for residential streets. The town adopted 30 ft widths vs 24ft. That’s 6/24 (30%) additional impervious area and runoff that needs to treated before flowing into ALLEN BROOK. The town and selectboard have indicated a lack of interest to reach out and help communties like mine that have had expired stormwater permits for more then a decade. Its always been a wait and see, well I see where this headed now.

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