June 23, 2018

Ode to someone you admire

Write an ode to a person you admire or respect


George Russell      

Grade 3

Ode to Mom

Oh Mom,

You are beautiful

You are nice

You let me watch TV in the living room

You drop me off to my Grandma’s

Without you, I would be sad

Without you, I wouldn’t have a family

Mom, you are like a star.

Kayleigh Bushweller

Grade 6


You are there every day

For me

For my sister

My mother

My father

You love us to the moon and back

and more.

How can we ever repay you?

You make life worth living for

You give us life

You give us joy

and happiness.

You are the heart of love

The soul of life.

Cale Layman

Grade 6


Sam is a goalie that I know

He’s helpful and funny and he is not slow

In the net he is aggressive and quick

He does not let the puck past his stick


I’ve come to know him over the years

He helps eliminate my goalie fears

I watch and emulate what he does

And tweak the move, just because


He’s cool and calm no matter what

Even if his team is in a rut

When I hit a rough spot; thinking of Sam helps a lot

I try to be like him but with a Cale-spin; turning things around into a win

Brianna  Armstrong

Ode to my beloved Max. You cuddle , you snuggle, your a big hunk of love. What would I do without. You are like the beautiful silky clouds in the sky. Oh , What would I do without. Ode to max, my beloved max. You are


Emma Anderson

Ode to my animals

Oh animals I will always care for you and love you .no matter what happens. Without you I would be heartless and have nothing to come home and be amazed by.
Alexa Butler

Ode to my family, my family is nice,my family cares for me, they always are ready to give a helping hand, Ode To Jowy family.


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