October 22, 2017

Observer staff makes headlines

Observer staff report

Williston Observer Editor Ben Moger-Williams and former editor Greg Elias won headline writing awards Sunday at the annual Vermont Press Association awards banquet.

Moger-Williams placed first for headlines that included “School district faces trailer hitch: Board disapproves making temporary classrooms permanent” and “Fa-la-la brouhaha: Local chorus’ lyrics reflect national debate.” Elias took third place for headlines that included “Singer-songwriter still glowing after supernova start.”

Awards recognized work published in 2005.

The annual contest is open to the 10 daily and four dozen non-daily newspapers circulating in Vermont, according to Mike Donoghue, executive director of the Vermont Press Association. Donoghue said independent judges were secured through the New Hampshire Press Association and the St. Michael’s College Journalism Department.

Judge Edward Cashman was awarded the second annual Matthew Lyon Award. The Award recognized Cashman’s professional commitment over his career to ensure journalists had access to the public records and events about which the public has a right to know.

Williston resident Traci Griffith, a journalism professor at St. Michael’s College, was voted onto the Executive Board during the association’s business meeting Sunday.

A complete list of the Vermont Press Association awards for 2005 follows:

General Excellence (daily newspapers): 1. The Burlington Free Press; 2. (tie) Rutland Herald and Times Argus (Barre); 3. Brattleboro Reformer;

General Excellence (non-daily newspapers): 1. Seven Days ( Burlington); 2. Stowe Reporter; 3. Addison County Independent (Middlebury);

The Mavis Doyle Award (daily and non-daily combined): 1. Ken Picard, Seven Days ( Burlington);

John D. Donoghue Award for Arts Criticism (daily and non-daily): 1. (tie) Margot Harrison, Seven Days and Casey Rea, Seven Days; 3. Brent Hallenbeck, The Burlington Free Press;

Editorial (daily and non-daily): 1. Jeffrey Good, Valley News ( West Lebanon, N.H.); 2. Randy Holhut, Brattleboro Reformer; 3. Ross Connelly, Hardwick Gazette;

Rookie of the Year (daily and non-daily): 1. Victoria Welch, The Burlington Free Press;

Sports writing (daily) 1: John A. Fantino, The Burlington Free Press; 2. James Biggam, Times Argus (Barre); Honorable mention. Jonathan Howard, Brattleboro Reformer;

Sports writing (non-daily): 1. Andy Kirkaldy, Addison Independent (Middlebury); 2. Dave Morse, Hardwick Gazette;

Best state story (daily and non-daily): 1. Kevin O’Connor and Darren Allen, Rutland Herald/Times Argus (Barre); 2. Ken Picard, Seven Days ( Burlington); 3. Nathan Meunier, Hardwick Gazette;

Best local story (daily): 1. News Staff, Times Argus (Barre); 2. John Briggs, The Burlington Free Press; 3. Sky Barsch, Rutland Herald/Times Argus (Barre) Sunday Magazine;

Best local story (non-daily): 1. Amy Kolb Noyes and Alicia Morissette, News and Citizen ( Morristown); 2. John Flowers, Addison County Independent (Middlebury); 3. Cathy Resmer, Seven Days ( Burlington);

Feature writing (daily): 1. Sally Pollak, The Burlington Free Press; 2. Kevin O’Connor, Rutland Herald; 3. Candace Page, The Burlington Free Press;

Feature writing (non-daily): 1. Paula Routly, Seven Days; 2. Margaret Michniewicz, Vermont Woman ( South Burlington); 3. John Flowers, Addison Independent;

Headline writing (daily): 1.Ernie Kohlsaat, Valley News ( West Lebanon, N.H.); 2. Tom Brown, The Burlington Free Press; 3. Anne Adams, Valley News;

Headline writing (non-daily): 1. Ben Moger-Williams, Williston Observer; 2. Margaret Michniewicz, Vermont Woman; 3. Greg Elias, Williston Observer;

Photo – sports (daily): 1. Stefan Hard, Times Argus; 2. James Patterson, Valley News ( West Lebanon, N.H.); 3. David Barreda, Valley News ( West Lebanon, N.H.);

Photo – sports (non-daily): 1. Robert Eddy, The Herald of Randolph; 2. Vanessa Fournier, Hardwick Gazette; 3. Trent Campbell, Addison Independent;

Photo – general news (daily): 1. Jeb Wallace-Brodeur, Times Argus (Barre); 2. David Barreda, Valley News; 3. Geoff Hansen, Valley News;

Photo – general news (non-daily): 1. Tim Calabro, The Herald of Randolph; 2. Trent Campbell, Addison Independent (Middlebury); 3. Robert Eddy, The Herald of Randolph

Photo – feature (daily): 1. Glenn Russell, The Burlington Free Press; 2. James Patterson, Valley News ( West Lebanon, N.H.); 3. James Patterson, Valley News ( West Lebanon, N.H.);

Photo – feature (non daily): 1. Robert Eddy, The Herald of Randolph; 2. Jay Erickson, Seven Days ( Burlington) ; 3. Trent Campbell, Addison Independent (Middlebury).


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