January 19, 2019

New town trail, park open Friday

July 18th, 2013

A brand new town park and trail are set to open Friday.

Williston’s Planning Department will host a grand opening at 1 p.m. at the newly dedicated Sucker Brook Hollow Country Park—a 20-acre expanse incorporating the historic Hill Farm—and the Sucker Brook Hollow Trail, also known as the Hill Trail.

The new trail—starting at a new parking lot and trailhead at 5035 St. George Road—extends for a mile, linking with Five Tree Hill vista and the cross-town trail.

“It’s another entryway point for the public to explore Williston’s beautiful rural landscape,” said Town Planner Jessica Andreoletti. “It’s also a very exciting connection to the very popular Five Tree Hill vista.”

Nine volunteers worked on July 6 to get the trail in order for the opening, diverting water and building bog bridges.

“We were really fighting with wet trails,” Andreoletti said. “All the rain made everything just like a river.”

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