May 27, 2018

New names to be on town ballot

By Stephanie Choate

Observer staff

When Williston voters look at the ballot on Town Meeting Day, they won’t see any contested races, but they will see some new names.

The deadline to file for town seats—including Selectboard, Williston and Champlain Valley Union High School boards and library trustees—was Monday.

Residents filed petitions for all open positions except town constable, with petitions coming in at the wire at 4:45 p.m. on Monday, said Town Clerk Deb Beckett.

Kathleen DeLuca and Brian Goodwin are running for terms as library trustees, DeLuca for five years and Goodwin for three. Both are new to the position. Jude Hersey was appointed in 2012 to fill out the remainder of a term, and is running for the remainder of the term.

Incumbent town lister Gerry Huetz will also appear on the ballot to retain his post.


Changes to Williston School Board

After seven years on the Williston School Board, Chairwoman Holly Rouelle decided to step down.

“My youngest child is graduating from CVU this year, so it felt like my volunteer time coordinated with my children being in the CSSU school system,” she said. “After seven years, it was a good time to pass the torch to someone else.”

Rouelle’s last meeting is set for Feb. 13.

“I have definitely enjoyed my time on the board,” she said.

Newcomer Kevin Brochu is running unopposed for the vacated three-year term. A physician assistant in the emergency department at Fletcher Allen Health Care, he said he has never been on a town board, but is running primarily as a civic duty.

“I have two children in school, and I feel like as a member of Williston, I should participate in helping develop the school system,” he said.

His children are 6 and 9.

“Education is probably one of the most important things that can affect a person,” Brochu said.

Brochu said he doesn’t have any specific goals, but thinks he would be a good fit for the board.

“I think that I’m a very open-minded person and a good listener and also willing to make tough decisions,” he said.

Kevin Mara, who has been on the Williston School Board since 2010, is running uncontested to maintain his seat for a two-year term.

Jeanne Jensen and Polly Malik, Williston representatives to the Champlain Valley Union High School Board, are running again for their three-year terms on the board, both uncontested.


Incumbents running for Selectboard

Selectboard members Jay Michaud and Jeff Fehrs are both running uncontested for their spots on the Selectboard.

Michaud, who has been on the board since 2011, is running for a three-year term.

“I feel as if we have a lot of unfinished business to wrap up that I’m really excited about,” he said, mentioning grid streets, alternatives to the Circumferential Highway and the proposed public works facility.

“I’d like to stay true to our town plan,” he said.

Michaud said he has had fun in his two years on the Selectboard, and has enjoyed the opportunity “to contribute to the town and to the future of the town.”

Fehrs is up for a two-year term. He has served on the Selectboard since 1998.

“I think there’s still more to be done,” he said. “At some point I’m going to feel that I’m not effective anymore or it isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be or I’m not learning, I’m just not at that point yet.”

Fehrs said he doesn’t have any particular goals for his potential two-year term, but that there are issues that the board has been working on.

Fehrs said he has learned something from every Selectboard member he has served with since joining the board.

“I think everyone has been on the Selectboard for the right reasons,” he said.

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