April 20, 2018

New business solves storage and organization problems

Observer courtesy photo Tailored Living, opening in Williston in June, focuses on closet, home, garage and office organization.

Observer courtesy photo
Tailored Living, opening in Williston in June, focuses on closet, home, garage and office organization.

First Tailored Living to open in Vermont

By Stephanie Choate

Observer correspondent

A former engineer is turning his attention to a different kind of problem solving—organizing your stuff.

Bryan Randall is set to open Tailored Living in Williston on June 1. The franchise business focuses on closet, home, garage and office organization. Randall’s location will be the only franchise in Vermont.

“We design and install custom closets, garages, pantries, entryways, laundry rooms, Murphy beds, basically any area of your home where organization will improve the functionality,” he said.

“Our systems look like furniture once they’re installed, it’s really exciting to see that come together,” he said. “We take a home with a closet rod and a shelf and within a few hours we’ve installed attractive permanent fixtures that make it so much easier to use.”

He said garages are also a major focus of the business.

“Walking around neighborhoods, I see lots of homes where the garages are underutilized,” he said. “There’s so much stuff in the garage that only one car fits, or none of the cars fit.”

Not only can Randall organize a garage to clear space for cars and storage, the company also offers an industrial epoxy treatment that transforms floors.

“We can rejuvenate a concrete floor,” he said. “It looks fantastic when it’s done. It’s better than any concrete you’ve ever seen, so nice you almost don’t want to park a car on it…. It can really make the garage into more of a living space.”

Randall, who formerly worked as an engineer at Draker in Burlington, said he was between careers when he decided to open the business.

“I just started realizing there are so many areas of homes, especially older homes, that are such wasted space,” he said. “Being an engineer, I just love to problem solve, so that’s what drew me to it.”

Randall spent two weeks at the franchise headquarters in Orange, Calif. learning the ropes, then worked on several projects with a franchise in Manchester, N.H. for more hands-on experience.

His wife, Catherine Randall—whose current role is providing “moral support,” she said, but who may eventually take on HR duties—said Bryan Randall’s detail-oriented nature makes the business a good fit for him.

“A lot of people don’t have the time or inclination to do something like this for themselves,” she said. “They may know that their closet space or their garage space isn’t working for them and they may need someone who will listen to what their issue is and someone who’s had training in design and organization and layout and can put their needs in a design that will work with the way they live.”

She said people often have stuff overflowing from their storage space, whether it’s a garage, pantry or closet.

“People think they’ve outgrown their house, but really maybe they’ve just outgrown their method of organization,” she said.

Bryan Randall said the cost of projects vary widely depending on the designs, but typically start at $1,000. He also offers free consultations.

“We’ll come to your home and measure and talk over with you what your goals are,” he said. “We’ll then make suggestions and provide designs.”

Randall said people are so busy these days—especially families with young kids—that stuff gets piled in corners and closets. A little organization can go a long way, he said.

“It just makes things easier to find,” he said. “It can take away the daily chaos of trying to find something you know is there and get it front and center so you can find it.”

For more information, visit tailoredliving.com/Vermont or call 802-465-4655.

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