January 19, 2019

My favorite athlete

By Lindsey Auriemma, Grade 7

Tom Brady

By Will Bartley

Grade 8

My favorite athlete is Tom Brady. Tom Brady has carried my favorite NFL team to numerous super bowls. Tom Brady is my favorite athlete because he is the greatest of all time. Not only is he the greatest of all time but he is still the best in the league at 41 years old. This is a pretty crazy statistic because my parents are 42. For a 41 year old to be in as good shape as Tom Brady is crazy. He is playing against 25 year olds that are around double his size and are in their peak performance. Tom Brady is my favorite athlete not only because of that but because he has won my favorite team, the Patriots, 5 super bowls which is the most ever by a single QB. He also inspires me because he persevered through times where he thought he many never have made the NFL. The scouts thought he had a good arm but poor body strength. He was picked 199th in the draft by the Patriots and look where he is now. He is the greatest football player to ever play in the NFL and is still playing at the age of 41 and plans to continue playing. One thing that has taken part in his great success is the pliability that he does to keep his body in shape.

Kendall Coyne

By Karina Bushweller

Grade 7

My favorite athlete of all time would have to be Kendall Coyne. She is full of perseverance and strength. She has always been my role model growing up. When my Dad asks me who I want to be like when I grow up and who I want to be like when I play hockey games, Kendall Coyne is my answer. When anyone asks me who I want to be when I grow up, I say endocrinologist, but inside my head I am thinking about Kendall Coyne. Kendall Coyne is a womens USA ice hockey player. She is 25 years old and this past Olympics played to win the gold medal. After I watched USA win against Canada I saw Kendall Coyne being lifted up by her fiance, a super bowl winning NFL football player. When I saw her like that, I thought how bad I wanted to be in her position. She is the fastest and top goal scoring player on her team. In my opinion, Kendall Coyne has the most passion, intensity and grit on the rink. I call it “PIG.” Also, Kendall Coyne is 5’ 2” which is quite short for an Olympic hockey player. I’m also the shortest on my hockey team, so she inspires me that it doesn’t matter about your height, it’s all about your passion, intensity and grit.

Lindsey Vonn

By Leigh Kerbaugh

Grade 8

If I could meet any athlete I would love to meet Lindsey Vonn. Lindsey Vonn is a renown ski racer. She is an amazing skier. Lindsey Vonn has written a book called, Strong is The New Beautiful, and it is just as inspiring as she is. Lindsey Vonn has three dogs. They are adorable and travel around with her. Lindsey Vonn is an enormous inspiration to me because she never ever gives up, she focuses, tries to be the best she can be, and she always get through her injures; she has had so many injuries because of skiing. But she is very resilient. All of her hardwork has paid off so far she has three Olympic medals including one gold. She also has 82 World Cup wins and 137 world cup podiums.

Michael Jordan

By Francis Dasilva

Grade 4

Michael Jordan is my favorite NBA player because he is a 6 time Champion, 5 time MVP, all-star rookie of the year, Olympic gold medalist, and has the Presidential Medal of Freedom given by Barack Obama in 2016. He owns the Charlotte Hornets, plays as a coach and is a senior ambassador of the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Michael has a motorsport team named after him and a restaurant called Michael Jordan’s Steak House. That is why Michael Jordan is my favorite athlete in the world. He is the best.

Roger Federer

By Monte Rosenfeld

Grade 2

If there was one famous person I would like to meet it would be…Roger Federer because:

He is ranked 1 in the world! He’s a very nice tennis player. He’s really cute!! He’s always a good winner or loser. He is always confident and always enters calmly. That is why I would like to meet Roger Federer

Christian Pulisic

By Drake Moreau

Grade 1

Christian Pulisic. He’s my favorite because I really like soccer, and he is the youngest soccer player from the United States to play in the professional league.

Tom Brady

By Zachary Pratt

Grade 2

My favorite athlete is Tom Brady because he is really good at football and a good quarterback.

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