April 2, 2015




Rebekah (Rhinehart) and Andrew Bose of Williston welcomed son David Zion Bose on Oct. 6, 2012.

Molly (Gillett) and Mark Trevithick of Williston welcomed twins John Sawyer and Nora Elizabeth Trevithick on Oct. 5, 2012.

Amy and Karl Haas of Medford, Mass. welcomed daughter Greta Dorothy Haas on Oct. 19, 2012. Greta’s grandparents are Jerry and Judy Huetz of Williston, and she joins a sister, Lucy, 3.


  1. rmm0307 says:

    Mr Sean Bird says …

    “Climate change is real—even Congress now agrees that climate change is “not a hoax.” ”

    I laughed out loud when i read that. Who thinks that members of Congress don’t have a political stake in perpetuating a hoax? There is nothing that generates more votes (or money) than a good ole fashion scare tactic!

    Thanks Sean .. it is funny :-)

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