July 23, 2017

Meadowridge to connect to town sewer

Sept. 30, 2010

A failing septic system in the Meadowridge subdivision prompted a request from the neighborhood association to permanently tap into the town’s sewer system.

Meadowridge representatives asked the Selectboard on Sept. 13 to join the town sewer system, and the board granted the request at a second meeting on Sept. 27.

Sixty homes in Meadowridge use two septic systems. One of those systems has experienced ongoing problems, despite costly attempts to fix the failures and repeated septic tank pumping. At the Sept. 13 meeting, several people — including an engineer hired by Meadowridge — made the point that individual homeowners can pay $3,500 to $30,000 to replace a septic system; the range covers what Meadowridge residents would have paid to build a new system.

Yet the Selectboard ultimately decided that the failing system posed a public health hazard, particularly if problems persist years down the road.

Town Manager Rick McGuire said designing, permitting and constructing the sewer tie-in could take at least a year. Meadowridge will pay for the process.

— Greg Duggan, Observer staff


  1. tcoletta says:

    almost 3 decades ago when williston started it’s development review process the public works section was pushing for a wider roadway typical for residential streets. The town adopted 30 ft widths vs 24ft. That’s 6/24 (30%) additional impervious area and runoff that needs to treated before flowing into ALLEN BROOK. The town and selectboard have indicated a lack of interest to reach out and help communties like mine that have had expired stormwater permits for more then a decade. Its always been a wait and see, well I see where this headed now.

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