April 19, 2018

Local Fed Ex driver headed to national competition

Observer staff report

A Williston-based FedEx Express driver is headed to what’s known as the “Super Bowl of Safety” in the truck driving world.
Earlier this summer, David Fountain won the flatbed title at the Vermont State Truck Driving Championships. With that victory under his belt, he is preparing for the National Truck Driving Championship, held Aug. 12-16 in Pittsburgh.
To compete at the national championship, a driver must be the first-place finisher in his or her respective class at a state competition. To be eligible to enter the state competition, drivers must have been accident-free for the entire year before the competition.
Drivers compete for national titles in each of nine vehicle classes and for the overall “National Grand Champion” title. The drivers must demonstrate their driving skills and knowledge of the industry through a written exam. They then perform a pre-trip vehicle inspection, looking for multiple defects and safety hazards that are planted on the vehicle.
Finally, the drivers compete in a difficult driving course that tests their ability to judge distances, maneuver tight spaces, reverse, park and position their vehicle exactly over scales, before barriers and around curves.

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